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Fat Loss Mistakes

Fat loss mistakes waste your time, money, and energy. Here are the most important ones to avoid.

Fat Loss Mistake #1 - Too much hidden sugar in your diet

Fruit juices, sugar-laden coffees, sodas, and many processed foods are full of sugar, adding excess calories to your diet and increasing your insulin levels. Insulin is a fat storage hormone in your body, and when your insulin is up, it is hard to burn a lot of body fat.

Sugary drinks add a lot of calories but do not satisfy your hunger, and they can even cause you to overeat. There is nothing good to say about drinks filled with sugar.

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Fat Loss Mistake #2 - Doing Cardio & Overeating

In a shocking study from the UK, researchers found that when some folks start a cardio training program, they end up eating more calories than needed. That is just one reason why cardio doesn't work for everyone. In the study, the researchers labeled these poor folks, "compensators", and found that they consumed an extra 300 calories per day if they did cardio. As a result, these folks gained 3 pounds over the 12 week cardio study, rather than losing weight like they should have done.

Some people seem to make that mental mistake of saying, "Oh, I just did a hard workout. I'm going to eat a few extra calories," or, "I can have the ice cram or something like that". Cardio does not make you fat, but overeating after cardio will. So you must avoid that fat loss mistake.

Fat Loss Mistake #3 - Not having social support.

There are a lot of fat-gaining temptations out there, and its tough to avoid them all on your own. You have to have a really strong will to avoid it when all of your friends and family are eating pizza and drinking beer or soda. But if you hang around folks who are into fitness and a healthy diet, it will be much easier for you to stick to the program.

Not having social support is a huge killer and is another thing that people often don't think about or neglect. This simply means you can't do it if you know everyone at work is bringing in donuts and pressuring you to eat garbage food and taking you out to lunch for wings, or the gang going out for happy hour every day, or you go home and the people at home don't want to eat good food and they want to eat chips and watch TV. If you are always in those types of environments, it is going to be next to impossible to lose weight.

So if that's your environment you're really out of luck, so what you need to do is to search for people that are looking for the same results and the same type of mindset and the same type of goals. The internet is a great place. With Turbulence Training, you get access to a membership site where there's a forum and you have the ability to interact with other healthy people from all over the world. You'll find people from every country coming on there supporting one another and positive messages.

You can also get social support at your gym and by talking to the people that are getting results. Talk to the trainers and get a nutritionist. Ask your doctor to be a support system. Get a nutrition buddy at work. Diet and exercise are easier if you have somebody who's checking in with you or eating the same food as you. That's so much easier for someone to succeed and if you don't have social support it can really kill your success. Those are the fat loss mistakes that can stop your weight loss success.

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