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Exercise to lose fat is not as simple as doing slow boring cardio. In fact, let me tell you about the 3 stages of exercise that most folks go through when they start a fat loss exercise program.

Most men and women start in stage one, where they do a lot of long, slow cardio workouts with the hope that burning a moderate amount of calories is all they need to lose weight.

Unfortunately, most people are severely disappointed in this exercise lose fat option. In fact, recent research shows that when men and women devote even as much as 300 hours per year to slow, boring cardio, they lose only 4-6 pounds of fat. That is such as waste of time for such little results.

Other research shows even worse results. One study from the UK found that some folks turn into bigger eaters as a result of a cardio program, and end up gaining weight! How much would you hate that?

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Finally, Menís Health magazine reported on a study that found the calorie counter function on elliptical trainer machines overestimated the number of calories burned in a workout by 30%!

That means most folks are only getting 70% of the calorie burn as they thought. What a sneaky, devious little machine. Itís no wonder that cardio programs donít work very well for fat loss.

But too many trainers recommend cardio exercise to lose fat, however I recommend skipping stage one! Donít rely on cardio for fat loss.

Oddly enough, what most people do before improving on their cardio exercise lose fat program is to add some type of resistance training to their fat loss program. Overall, this is a step in the right direction.

However, not surprisingly, most folks add the wrong type of resistance training to their program and donít get results, and ultimately say that strength training is not a good exercise to lose fat.

But hereís where things go wrong and can be improved. Most folks do low intensity resistance training and do a lot of waiting around between sets and exercises. However, research shows that high intensity resistance training (using an exercise intensity that allows only 8 reps per set) will help you burn more calories than doing 12 light repetitions per set.

In addition, you can and should do circuit training or supersets (like youíll find in Turbulence Training) to cut down your workout time. One research study found that men and women who used circuit training were able to lose 4 pounds of fat and add 4 pounds of metabolism-boosting muscle to their bodies in just 12 weeks with circuit training.

So once you have improved your resistance training, youíll start to see results, and you can switch your slow cardio workouts over to interval training. This is stage three of the exercise lose fat program, and is the key in burning belly fat.

Resistance training and interval training are the cornerstones of Turbulence Training for Fat Loss, and help you get a fast, FUN fat burning workout done in just 45 minutes, and you only need to exercise 3 times per week to lose fat.

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