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Back in the cold Toronto winter of 2005, I started training a young husband and wife who wanted to know how to lose fat. Peter was a busy hedge fund manager, and he only had time to workout once per week with me. His wife, Betty, was able to workout three times per week.

I’ll show you how to lose fat using both of those schedules and you’ll discover that no matter how busy you are, you can burn fat in just a short amount of workout time. We’ll also reveal the four forgotten factors you need if you want to know how to lose fat.

The first forgotten factor was bodyweight exercise. Both Peter and Betty thought you needed fancy machines and expensive equipment if you wanted to know how to lose fat. But the Turbulence Training workouts quickly showed them that you can sculpt your muscle and burn calories with fun bodyweight workouts.

Because Peter was only able to train with me on Saturday mornings after a long week of following the markets down at the hedge fund, I gave him bodyweight exercise circuits to do on his own at home, including the bodyweight cardio workouts from Turbulence Training for fat loss. Betty trained with me using bodyweight exercises in the gym, because she had less workout experience.

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The second forgotten factor if you want to know how to lose fat is to increase the amount of playtime you have in your life. I know that sounds silly, but give it a chance. Because I showed Peter and Betty they only needed to do 3 hard workouts per week, this gave them more time to play sports (Peter started boxing again once per week), while Betty started taking longer walks with the dog. They also did more walking together.

I truly believe a forgotten factor in fat loss is that we must LOVE our exercise choices. If you despise going to the gym and doing cardio for 60 minutes 6 days per week, I guarantee you’ll get fewer results than if you met a friend and went for a hike only 3 days per week.

Our mental approach to life and our stress levels have a lot to do with our success. So don’t hate your workouts. If you do, find something else if you want to know how to lose fat. You don’t have to be on a machine that tells you how many calories you burn each workout (besides, those machines are ALWAYS wrong).

The third forgotten factor was getting Peter and Betty back on a diet of whole, natural foods. Too many folks rely on powders, pills, and potions these days and we’ve forgotten that men and women stayed lean for thousands of years by eating whole, natural foods. Animals remain fit and powerful by eating berries, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and fish, and they only get fat when we feed them “human food”.

So cut out the processed carbohydrates, the weight loss shake powders, the meal replacement bars, and replace those with fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and healthy protein sources containing healthy fats.

The fourth forgotten factor if you want to know how to lose fat is social support. You can’t do this on your own. Fortunately, Peter had Betty and Betty had Peter for support.

But if you don’t have support at home, find a workout buddy at the gym, a diet partner at work, or visit friendly weight loss forums like Turbulence Training to get social support from all over the world. Research shows this is one of the biggest forgotten factors if you want to know how to lose fat.

So if you want to know how to lose fat, use the Turbulence Training System to live a better lifestyle with less stress, more social support, and fun workouts for fat loss.

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