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Natural fat loss means that you stay away from pills, drugs, and life-risking surgery, and instead use positive lifestyle changes to help you eat a healthy, filling diet and do mood-boosting exercise.

Research shows all types of problems with high-caffeine weight loss pills, including the fact that most weight loss pills donít even work. They are often just a waste of money and do nothing but give you jitters, insomnia, and energy crashes. Diet pills are not a natural fat loss solution.

So many people have emailed me about side effects from diet pills, and often men and women think more is better. If 2 diet pills per day donít work, too many folks start trying 3 or 4 diet pills per day, and that only makes things much, much worse.

Drugs are often even worse than diet pill supplements, and are the opposite of a natural fat loss solution. Weight loss drugs can give the same time of jittery, insomnia-like type of side effects, but there are even worse side effects from some of the new fat-blocker drugs that will ruin your underwear and cause embarrassing bodily system problems!

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Finally, there are illegal drugs that bodybuilders use for fat loss and bodybuilding competitions that can put you in the hospital or even kill you. They are so dangerous and unnatural that I wonít even talk about them here. Needless to say, you donít want to use drugs as part of your natural fat loss solution.

Unfortunately, more and more people are also turning to stomach surgery as their weight loss solution. Of course, any time you go onto the operating table you risk death, and so this is a very scary option.

I donít recommend surgery unless you have done a lot of consultation with a good doctor who is first and foremost interested in your health and not just making money on a surgery. Please give this a long and hard deliberation before committing to surgery.

You will truly prefer to do a natural fat loss solution rather than any of these outrageous dieting gimmicks. If you can change your lifestyle to include healthier eating habits and enjoyable exercise, you will achieve permanent fat loss results.

Research shows that weight loss pills from Green Tea to CLA do NOT work well for fat loss. Drug research shows nothing more than a long list of side effects. And surgery is risky and can have complications.

But a lifelong journey dedicated to healthy living and natural fat loss, through nutrition, exercise, and social support is a positive, rewarding way to change your body.

Most folks think they will need to eat a restrictive, low-calorie diet for the rest of their days, but if you stick to whole, natural foods you can eat a lot of healthy, delicious foods and youíll be satisfied for life.

In addition, exercise doesnít have to painful. If you like structured natural fat loss workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home, youíll love Turbulence Training.

The program set-up requires only three short workouts per week, and the rest of your days can be spent doing other activities you love like dancing, hiking, walking, playing sports or so many other things. Heck, even if you chose to use weight loss pills, you still need exercise for lasting results.

I truly hope you will trust the natural fat loss solution for safe, permanent life-changing weight loss results.

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