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Are you looking for quick weight loss workouts that will give you the best way to lose belly fat? And are you sick and tired of doing long, slow cardio workouts?

If you are, then you're about to discover great news. Here are the secrets to getting rid of stomach fat and losing weight. And if you don't think you can lose belly fat without cardio, then you need to meet Juan Ruiz, the man who lost over 100 pounds without long cardio workouts.

Juan had been overweight, and even obese, all of his adult life. He tipped the scales at 315 pounds in August of 2007, even though he had tried many diet and cardio exercise plans. Like many folks, nothing seemed to work for him.

In fact, Juan was considering stomach surgery to help him lose weight, but he knew that was dangerous so he started looking for one last alternative so that he could be proud that he was able to lose the fat on his own. He just wanted to be healthy.

Finally, he stumbled across Turbulence Training and read about the hidden dangers of cardio workouts and why cardio isn't the best way to lose belly fat. The article clicked with him, because for years he had tried doing long cardio workouts but did not lose fat.

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So Juan tried the Turbulence Training workouts. He also made a great decision to take photos of his progress, as you can see. Each and every month when he lost weight and had a new photo, this inspired him to keep getting results.

Juan Ruiz

One of the first things you need to do, after reading about short, burst fat burning workouts, is to take before photos and measurements so that you can chronicle your fat burning progress. This is essential to your long-term success.

Juan also discovered the best way to combine resistance training with a form of short, burst "cardio-like" exercise called interval training. More and more research is being reported showing that interval training is better than cardio for burning stomach fat.

As a busy father and student, Juan didn't have time for long marathon workouts at commercial gyms. He couldn't do an hour of weights and then an hour of cardio. That was ridiculous.

Instead, he needed to focus on bodyweight exercises and dumbbell movements done in fat burning supersets. He did that for 15-20 minutes per workout, and then moved to the belly fat burning interval training. This lasted 20 minutes and he was done in 45 minutes.

Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide

Of course, the best way to lose belly fat is not even from your workouts at all, and Juan knew this. So with the results he was getting from his workouts, he was motivated to change his diet and cut out the junk.

By tossing the sugar and processed foods, he's been able to lose over 100 pounds. In fact, in just 7 months he had already lost over 86 pounds. His gut was shrinking faster than anyone could believe. If he didn't have the photos, you wouldn't be able to imagine it!

Juan's changes have been dramatic, but you can also burn stomach fat with short workouts and a low-sugar diet. You'll feel and look so much better, and live a longer, happier, healthier life.

If you want the best way to lose belly fat, get started with the short, but effective Turbulence Training workouts today!

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