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It's everyone's worst nightmare to go to work on a weight loss program and then find out that your co-workers have brought in cookies, or cakes, or donuts. Even if you have the willpower to avoid them on your own, it's next to impossible to resist the junk food when your co-workers are not giving you weight loss help.

In the weight loss world, you need what is known as social support to help you stick to your fat burning weight loss diet. If you are constantly surrounded by well-meaning friends and family who want to do nothing but eat junk and sit around, it's going to be too darn difficult to lose weight.

Research shows that getting social support is one of the most important secrets to sticking to a weight loss program. In fact, a study from Stanford said that the most important thing you can do while on a weight loss program is to have some sort of accountability to a health professional. It could be your trainer, doctor, or nutritionist, but the bottom line is that you need to be checking in with someone on a regular basis and letting them know that you are sticking to the plan. If you don't have this form of social support accountability, you'll get off track from your fat burning plan and your weight loss will slow down or disappear.

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But what if you can't afford the time or expense to have a personal trainer? The next best thing is to find an online message board and get help from a fitness expert on that site. For example, when you grab your copy of Turbulence Training, you'll get three months free in the Turbulence Training weight loss membership website. On the forums, you'll be able to ask me and other fat loss experts all of your most important weight loss, diet, nutrition, and exercise program questions. If you are having trouble with anything, from exercise form to family problems, you will find social support on the Internet. You'll also be expected to let everyone know what you ate and how you did exercise that day, and this will support you on your weight loss journey.

Other research shows that you will have more weight loss success if you partner up and exercise with someone else who is losing weight. So make sure to hang out with someone at the gym who is already burning fat. By being around them, you'll pick up their habits and weight loss help and be able to avoid temptation, decrease your junk food intake, and lose more weight than you thought possible. Successful folks also tend to have a more positive attitude and will lift your spirits when you are having a bad day.

Finally, a study from Sweden showed that when women visited an online weight loss forum more frequently, they tended to have better weight loss results. The researchers encouraged subjects to visit a weight loss website forum, such as the one you get for free when you grab you copy of Turbulence Training for Fat Loss. So if you want to succeed, realize that you can't go it alone. Get social support for weight loss help.

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