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John Parker almost died a few months before he started his health fat loss program. For over 37 years he had been drinking everyday, smoking cigars, eating a high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, and working a stressful job. It nearly killed him.

John worked in professional sports, playing the game professionally since age 17, when he first started drinking. All the travel, the post-game drink-ups and cigars, the rich restaurant meals and the fast food on the road played havoc with his health.

By his mid-thirties, when he had to quit playing professionally due to injuries, John had the beat up body of an old man – and worse, the cardiovascular system of a man almost twice his age. Plus, when he stopped playing, he stopped exercising, so he began to build up a lot of belly fat, since his eating didn’t change.

John went from playing the game to coaching. His activity level dropped, and his belly ballooned. The words, “healthy fat loss” were not in his vocabulary for another 15 years. Not until that fateful day in March did he even think about losing weight, but when he was rushed to hospital with his heart condition, he knew it was time to change.

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“Coach” Parker could only do a little walking at the start of his healthy fat loss program. But he used that time to work on improving his nutrition. If you are a beginner, that’s how you’ll lose weight fast at the start of your lifestyle change. Simply by cutting out sodas, fast food, and excess sugar, you can lose 5-10 pounds in a week.

Since Coach Parker was a big man, he was able to lose a lot of weight quickly. His healthy fat loss program also required that he cut back on the booze, big time. And he did. Not as much as we all would have liked, but he did a good job.

He and his wife started eating more whole, natural foods, and he lost weight quick. Things were going well on his healthy fat loss program, but then we hit a snag. Due to all of his injuries over the years, it was tough to do the resistance training workouts.

We adapted the Turbulence Training beginner programs for Coach Parker and focused on bodyweight exercises he could do while lying down. He was amazed how hard he still had to work while doing hip extensions, pushups, planks, side planks, and even bird dogs.

He quickly regained a lot of his strength and soon progressed to the Intermediate Turbulence Training workouts to add rowing, chest presses, dumbbell squats, and even bodyweight rows. Like Coach Parker, resistance training must be part of your healthy fat loss program.

In fact, one research study showed that men and women over the age of 60 were able to lose fat and build muscle just by doing three resistance training workouts per week. They didn’t add any extra cardio or change their diet, and they still lost 4 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you need to do resistance training in your healthy fat loss program. Eventually, Coach Parker also began to add some of the Turbulence Training interval training workouts, just like you’ll do in the Turbulence Training for fat loss system.

Slowly, but surely, we helped Coach Parker to lose weight and regain his health. Even though he continued to work in a very stressful environment, he was living better thanks to his healthy fat loss program.

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