Turbulence Training FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Craig Ballantyne?


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc., is a sought after fitness expert and consultant to Men's Fitness magazine - one of the most popular fitness publications in the world, and Maximum Fitness.

Craig's fat loss and workout tips are featured every month in Men's Fitness and his sports training articles and workouts can be found on a number of websites and in many other magazines such as Men’s Health, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness Hers.

Craig’s areas of expertise include helping busy men and women lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in as little time as possible. Craig also has an extensive research background and keeps up to date on the latest scientific findings that will help improve your health and wellness and your physical and mental performance.

Q: How much fat can I lose with Turbulence Training?

The short answer is, “a lot”.

But to be more specific, you should be able to lose one pound of body fat each week (in addition to following sound fat loss nutritional practices). At the same time, you should expect to gain or maintain muscle.

Turbulence Training for Fat Loss gives you at least 16 weeks of fat-blasting workouts, so expect a two-digit fat loss by the time you get through the program.

Q: Why should I only use each version of Turbulence Training for 4 weeks?

We want to keep the element of variety in the training program to achieve consistent fat loss. Nothing, except poor eating, halts fat loss like staying on a training program for too long. By switching it up on a frequent basis, you’ll avoid fat loss plateaus and keep making gains in strength and fitness at the same time.

Q: Can women use Turbulence Training? I don’t want to bulk up.

Yes, they sure can. Many women have had Turbulence Training Success Stories.

As well, women don’t have to worry about “bulking up”. Unless you are over-eating, it is hard for women to gain muscle. So by using the Turbulence Training for Nutrition guidelines, along with the interval training to burn fat, you will not bulk up when you do the strength training exercises (which are essential for boosting your metabolism – to burn even more fat).

Q: Which Turbulence Training Workout should I use?

With Turbulence Training for Fat Loss, there are a lot of workouts
to choose from.

So why did I create so many fat burning programs?

Because you need to have variety in your workouts to keep on
boosting your metabolism, and burning fat month after month.

If you did the same workout program for 3 months straight, your
results would screech to a halt after 5 or 6 weeks.

With the Turbulence Training fat loss program, you will be able to
change your workouts every 4 weeks. Each time you do that, you'll
kickstart your fat burning and your metabolism to a new level.

You must change your workout every 3-4 weeks.

Unfortunately, with so many Turbulence Training workouts, people
often ask, "Which program should I start with?". So here are the
fat burning guidelines you need to get the most out of
Turbulence Training no matter what your fitness level...

1) The Best Program for a Total BEGINNER

Overweight, sedentary beginners should start with the Introductory
Program in the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual.

If you haven't been doing any exercise, you must start there. No

The bodyweight exercises will prepare your muscles for all future
workouts, and will prevent the overuse injuries people usually get
when they start a high-volume cardio program (which is the worst
thing an overweight person can do for weight loss).

2) The Best Program for an Experienced Lifter Who Has NOT Exercised
in the Last 4 Weeks

Please start with the Intermediate Workout from the main Turbulence
Training for Fat Loss program.

BUT NOTE: Do only ONE SET per exercise in each workout in the
first week.

This will prevent you from being excessively sore from the
exercises, which can occur when you have been away from exercise
for so long.

3) The Best Program For ADVANCED Fitness & Fat Loss

I suggest you start with the "Original Turbulence Training
Workout" from the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual.

Work your way through each following three advanced workouts in the

Upon completion of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workouts
from the main manual, you can move onto the bonus workouts in this

A) If you are a women that wants to put the final touches on
a female physique, use the Turbulence Training for Women

B) If you are a man that wants to build muscle, use the TT
for Muscle program.

C) If you want to keep burning fat, move to the DB-BW Fusion

D) Follow that with the 30-Day Advanced Fat Loss program.

E) And finally, finish with the Advanced Fusion Fat Loss
4-Week Program.

At any time you are traveling or want a break from the dumbell
workouts, you can use the beginner, intermediate, or advanced
bodyweight program from the Original Bodyweight 4-Week TT workout.

Q: What repetition range is best for fat loss?

Despite the common belief that high-reps are best for fat loss, research has shown that performing multiple sets of lower reps is more effective for burning calories and fat.

In the Turbulence Training workouts, you’ll use 6-8 reps per set for most exercises, and this will give you the most “bang for your fat loss buck”. Using a variety of repetitions trains the muscle through the full range of metabolism-boosting stimuli. If combined with proper nutrition, this approach offers the greatest opportunity for growth.

Q: Why do the Turbulence Training workouts use Supersets?

By pairing exercises together in Supersets (where you perform two exercises back to back without rest), you are able to get more work done in less time.

That gives you two benefits. First, you get the workout done in half the time. And second, you get more results in less time, plus you can do more work. Supersets are the way to go, and that’ why they are the cornerstone of the Turbulence Training workouts.

Q: When is the best time to workout?

In general, there is no best time to workout. A guy that trains in the afternoon should get the same results as a guy that trains in the morning, all other things being equal (i.e. nutrition, workout intensity, etc.).

The two most important considerations for determining your workout time are that:
a) You are able to train with sufficient intensity
b) You are able to train consistently

Q: I don’t have a full hour to workout. Can I still use the program?

Absolutely. First off, even if you follow the full Turbulence Training workout plan, you’ll be done in less than 45 minutes. And second, if you have less time than that, simply reduce the number of sets performed for each exercise. You’ll still get the majority of the benefits by doing as little as one set of each exercise – and you’ll get the workout done in even less time.

Q: Can anyone use Turbulence Training?

Adult men and women of all ages have achieved success with Turbulence Training. We do recommend however, that you check with your doctor and have a full physical examination prior to starting a new exercise regimen if you meet any of the following qualifications:

Q: What is an e-book and why is Turbulence Training for Fat Loss only available as an e-book?

An e-book is a PDF file that is available for immediate download after your purchase. You will receive download instructions for the Turbulence Training e-book, as well as the bonus reports. You will be able to download them and print them within minutes of ordering.

Having immediate access to these files is a major benefit of e-book distribution. If you want to start your fat loss workouts within the next hour, you can do so simply by ordering your e-book and downloading the information.

In addition, it is much easier to provide customers with updates to their e-book. We will alert you when new bonuses or workouts are available.

Q: I don’t belong to a gym, and I don’t want to go to a gym. What equipment do I need for Turbulence Training?

The Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workouts can be done at home with a simple home gym set-up that includes dumbbells, a bench, and a Stability Ball. A barbell can also be used for many exercises in place of dumbbells. You do not need fancy machines or expensive gym memberships to succeed on the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss plan. In fact, you will also receive a bonus 4-week bodyweight training manual that will give you an advanced fat burning, muscle-building bodyweight-only workout when you order.

If you have any questions on Turbulence Training, please contact us here:


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc.
Author, Turbulence Training

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