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The best workout routine for fat loss isn't a long, slow cardio workout. In fact, if you want to lose belly fat, you don't have to do cardio at all! That's right, you can give it up forever. Here's why…

First, research shows that doing 20 minutes of interval training helps burn belly fat better than doing 40 minutes of slow cardio. Other research has shown that doing an hour of cardio per day for an entire year will only help you lose about 5 pounds. That's pathetic.

Plus, years of experience and my thousands of success stories have proven to me that you don't need long workout routines to lose fat.

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Just take a look at the success story of Joshua Gross, who at his peak weighed a hefty 275 pounds. It was embarrassing, and he knew he had to change. Fortunately, one of his work buddies started a weight loss competition and that inspired Joshua to take action.

That caused him to search the Internet for the best fat loss workout routine and one program kept coming up over and over again. And even though he was skeptical, Joshua finally committed to Turbulence Training, and the rest is history.

With his new program, he was able to go immediately into the workouts, and didn't have to wait weeks for the book to arrive on his doorstep. Each workout program started with a simple bodyweight warm-up which is much better than walking on a treadmill.

Joshua discovered fun exercises like prisoner squats, elevated pushups, and the stick-up (an exercise that is a LOT harder than it looks). Those bodyweight movements made him feel leaner, athletic and younger already.

Next up in the fat burning workout routine was resistance training, and even though he did four to six exercises, this part only lasted 20 minutes thanks to the non-competing superset system used in Turbulence Training.

The program used all his favorite exercises that he had used in college, including chest presses, chin-ups, and rows, plus powerful new abdominal exercises he had never heard of. And even better, Joshua didn't have to do any crunches or cardio.

According to Joshua, "Every week I lost 1-2 and occasionally 3 pounds. I made it to weigh in day on my competition three months later and 30 pounds lighter. I was feeling better, and fitting into clothes I never thought I would wear again."

Who would have thought that such a simple little workout routine could help Joshua lose 30 pounds in less than 90 days. That's one pound every three days and more than 2 pounds per week!

The Original Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout

But Joshua didn't stop there. He kept going through the entire Turbulence Training system and ended up losing an astonishing 65 pounds of body fat in 9 months. That was the total weight of his two youngest children combined!

Transforming his body has caused amazing changes in Joshua's life, and he has more energy and confidence to play with his kids, and loves being healthy and fit. He feels young again and his knees no longer hurt. All thanks to his consistency and commitment to the best fat burning workout routine, Turbulence Training.

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