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If you want to loose stomach fat, you should stop doing cardio. Cardio doesnít work for burning belly fat, just ask fat loss scientists in Australia. They tested cardio and it did not help women loose stomach fat.

However, there are three things that will help you burn belly fat. Two of these are diet related and one of them involves exercise. Letís take a look at the diet changes first.

Youíll be surprised by what Iím going to say about the most important diet changes to help you loose stomach fat. You probably think Iím going to tell you to drink Green Tea, or do a juice fast, or drink Acai berry juice, but none of those will help you loose stomach fat. In fact, drinking juice only makes you fatter.

I also donít recommend any fat burners, because they donít work. Most fat burners contain caffeine and a bunch of worthless ingredients in tiny amounts. Thatís it. None of the diet pills are worth your money.

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So what are the two diet secrets that will help you loose stomach fat? The first diet change is to cut back on any carbohydrate from a bag or a box. Stick to only fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. Youíll get all the carbohydrates you need from those foods. And donít worry, research shows that nuts wonít make you gain weight.

The second diet secret is to increase your protein intake. Protein shakes will help, but they are not mandatory. You can get lots of protein from fish, meat, and eggs (plus some from nuts). Make sure you are getting at least 100 grams of protein if you are a woman, and at least 150 grams of protein if you are a man.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must stop eating junk food and fried foods. No one is going to loose stomach fat eating French fries or hot dogs or chicken wings. Plus, you have to cut out all sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages. Those calories add up fast, and will stop your belly fat burning program from working.

So those are all the diet changes you have to make if you want to lose stomach fat. You donít need to do anything crazy or extreme to burn belly fat. Just eat whole, natural foods and youíll lose weight without any effort. Get rid of all the junk food in your house and youíll lose 5 pounds in a week.

Once you are eating to lose stomach fat, you need to focus on doing the right type of exercise to burn even more inches. Most trainers are wrong and recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio per day, but that wonít work for burning belly fat.

The Australian research study found that 40 minutes of cardio done 3 times per week did not help women lose stomach fat. But when women did only 20 minutes of interval training 3 days per week, they lost a lot of belly fat.

If you want to lose stomach fat, drop the cardio and the processed carbs, and add protein and interval training to lose your belly! Get started with the research proven Turbulence Training workout Ė featuring short, burst interval training programs Ė today!

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