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Cardio is NOT the best fat loss exercise you can do. In fact, itís often a waste of your time (since research show that 300 hours of cardio per year results in less than 6 pounds of weight loss).

Fortunately, you can lose a lot of body fat with bodyweight exercises and interval training. Just ask the readers of Menís Health magazine. Over 5533 guys collectively lost over 41117 pounds of fat using the Turbulence Training bodyweight 500 fat loss exercise program.

The bodyweight 500 workout uses only bodyweight strength training exercises and fat burning interval cardio to help you get more fat loss in less time. If you arenít convinced that cardio is not the best fat loss exercise, I feel sorry for you because you are going to waste days, weeks, months and years chasing results with ineffective cardio.

On the other hand, by doing the Turbulence Training non-competing supersets, youíll get results fast. Letís take a look at Steve Hays, one of the guys who started with the bodyweight 500 program. He ended up losing over 31 pounds in just 12 weeks with the Turbulence Training fat loss exercise.

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Before Steve started the TT programs, his son would embarrass him by asking him why he had such ďbig boobiesĒ. Steve was cursed with manboobs and hated being overweight. But he had struggled with other fat loss exercise programs, such as cardio, and didnít get great results.

Fortunately, even though he was skeptical of Turbulence Training, he gave the short, burst workouts a try and combined with proper nutrition, Steve lost inches from his waist, got rid of his man boobs and now looks 10 years younger. Before he started with the TT fat loss exercise system, Steve looked about 45 years old. But little did I know, he was actually only 30!

When he finally lost the weight, Steve regained his youthful appearance and now looks like heís only in his late 20ís. Plus, Steve no longer has man boobs or a big gut. If you want to lose your gut and man boobs, the first thing you need to do is stop doing cardio.

Second, you need to do bodyweight exercises and interval training. Bodyweight fat loss exercise movements include the prisoner squat, elevated pushup, inverted row, stability ball leg curl, split squat, step-up, and mountain climbers. You can do all of those with little or NO equipment at home.

Heck, you can even do the fat burning bodyweight exercises in your bedroom or a tiny space in your living room Ė even watching TV while you exercise. The bodyweight exercises can be done almost anytime, anywhere, and will help you cut the fat.

You also need to replace the cardio with interval training. Intervals can be done on a regular cardio machine, but you can also do intervals at home with bodyweight circuits, jump rope, hill walking, running in place, kettlebell snatches, dumbbell swings, or medicine ball wood choppers.

The ways to do fat loss exercise interval training are endless. With Turbulence Training, you can burn fat at home without expensive equipment.

Lose man boobs

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WOMEN: Click here to discover the truth about cardio for fat loss, and why the two components of short, burst exercise workouts have been scientifically proven to better for fat loss and losing your belly fat.

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