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The best fat loss workout is Turbulence Training because it does not require you to do any long, slow boring cardio workouts. In fact, the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program takes only 45 minutes, three times per week. That's often less than half the exercise time most cardio fanatics are doing for weight loss.

There are 3 fat burning secrets that make Turbulence Training the best fat loss workout:

1. Supersets

2. High-intensity resistance training

3. Interval training

The fat burning supersets help you get do more exercise in a short amount of workout time. By setting the resistance training supersets up to pair two exercises together - done back to back with no rest - you cut your workout time in half. Most people waste a lot of time in their fat loss workouts sitting around and resting - but you don't with Turbulence Training.

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You'll be surprised how effective a short, superset workout can be for fat loss. You'll be sweating long before you even get set up for interval training, which is a superior form of cardio. So if you think sweating and calorie burning only goes along with 60 minutes on the elliptical machine, you'll be shocked - and pleasantly surprised - at what the supersets can do.

A classic fat loss superset looks like this:

1A. Dumbell Split Squat - 8 reps

Do not rest, but go right to the next exercise.

1B. Dumbell Chest Press - 8 reps

Rest one minute before repeating 2 more times.

Did you know that if all you did was this superset, your workout would be twice as good as most low-intensity, machine circuit workouts?

That brings us to fat loss workout secret #2, the importance of high intensity resistance training for fat burning. Most men and women use light weights and do 15-20 repetitions per set because they think that is good for toning. But that's not true, and low-intensity resistance training is a waste of time.

Research found that doing 8 reps per set helps burn more calories after exercise than doing 12 reps per set. So if you are not doing high intensity resistance training, your fat loss workout needs to change. The Turbulence Training workouts will walk beginners and advanced through short, superset fat loss workouts.

You might be surprised we haven't talked about cardio at all yet in this fat loss workout article. But you need to understand cardio isn't as effective for fat loss as most trainers believe. So if you are struggling to lose fat with cardio, don't worry, most people are just like you.

Interval training is a better form of cardio, and takes less time to get more fat loss results. Here's what you need to do in your first interval training workout.

First, do a regular warm-up.

Second, after the warm-up, exercise at one minute at a slightly harder than normal-cardio pace.

Third, after that minute of hard fat burning exercise, slow down to a cool-down pace for 2 minutes.

Fourth, repeat that hard exercise-easy exercise format up to 4 times in your first fat burning interval training workout.

Finish with three minutes of cool-down exercise.

The next time you try fat burning interval training, you can try to exercise a little harder in the fat burning "work interval", but never compromise the easy exercise portion. Always go as easy as a cool-down pace.

Those are the three secrets of the best fat loss workout. Do supersets of high intensity resistance training followed by short interval training workouts, and you'll burn fat faster than with slow cardio workouts.

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