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Everyone is talking about core workouts for fat loss these days, but I don't think people really get it. Doing "core exercises" on a BOSU ball is a waste of time if you can't do the exercise properly standing on a flat floor. Instead, there is a much better way to do core workouts for fat loss that don't involve circus tricks, and that is to use a variety of total-body, multi-muscle movements and total-body ab exercises. In fact, we won't even refer to "core training" or "core workouts" any longer, because I don't think "core exercises" is a scientific term.

Instead of using "core workouts", we're going to focus on total body workouts and exercises that focus on the upper torso and also use the legs. Plus, we're not going to do any crunches. In fact, you can have a workout that is completely free of both cardio and crunches and you can still get great 6-pack abs and fat burning results. I believe you actually need to remove cardio and crunches from your workout program if you want to get fast results, because both of those exercise techniques are a waste of your time.

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In a fat burning workout, you should always start with a bodyweight warm-up that includes exercises for your lower body, upper body, and torso. Fortunately, by choosing the right exercises - rather than using core exercises that include BOSU balls and the like - you can warm-up your body in as little as two movements. For example, if you used the Prisoner Squat and Elevated Pushup, you would work your lower body and upper back (Prisoner Squat) and your upper body and torso (Elevated Pushups). That's all you need to get your muscles prepared for the upcoming total-body supersets.

After the warm-up, you should do resistance training for fat burning. This takes only 10-20 minutes because you are choosing the right exercises, and again you skip the BOSU ball circus exercises for your "core". Forget about the stuff and stick to the basics. If you are doing a dumbbell workout, use a dumbbell split squat and decline pushup as your first superset. Your abs will have to work really hard in both calorie-burning exercises to maintain proper position and posture. After that superset, use dumbbell rows (a powerful core exercise if there ever was one!) and stability ball leg curls to work the back of the legs. You can then finish the core of your workout with a 3rd superset featuring X-body mountain climber and side planks, two of the best so-called "core exercises" for your obliques. If you want to get those sexy muscles that tuck into your waistband, go with these ab exercise superset for fat loss. It's powerful stuff.

To finish off your fat burning workout, use interval training instead of long, slow boring cardio. Your abs will work harder doing the heavy breathing of the interval training, and you will get more results in less time, because you only need to do half the exercise time when using interval training. Research shows you'll get more fat loss doing only 20 minutes of interval training compared to the results you get doing 40 minutes of cardio.

If you stick to this type of fat loss program, using only total-body exercises and interval training, and forgetting about crunches and cardio, you will lose fat fast.

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