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It is embarrassing to have a big belly, but if you want to lose stomach fat, I have good news for you. There are only a few simple things you need to do, but there are also a LOT of things you must stop doing if you want to avoid belly fat build up.

First, here are some of the worst things you could do if you want to lose stomach fat. Check this list and stop making these mistakes immediately!

The first thing to do is stop eating junk food, fast food, and processed foods. Start cutting back every day. No more fries, chips, pastries, or pizza dough on a daily basis. Once per month as a reward meal is okay, but no more.

By cutting out these foods, you’ll reduce your intake of trans-fats and processed carbohydrates, the two biggest enemies of your belly fat. Trans-fats are also called “hydrogenated oils” and you’ll find them in fried or processed foods. These are dangerous for your belly fat and deadly for your heart.

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Surprisingly, some types of carbohydrate are also terrible for your belly fat. While most people think carbohydrates are good – because that is what dieticians have been preaching for years – you will actually gain belly fat if you eat too much sugar and too many processed carbohydrates.

Wherever you find trans-fats, you’ll find processed carbohydrates. So you must stay away from processed foods. Plus, by eliminating these foods and drinks from your diet, you’ll quickly decrease your calorie intake. Heck, most guys I work with can lose 5-10 pounds in a week just by cutting out soda, juice, and high-calorie coffees!

There’s also one type of exercise that useless for burning belly fat, and this is going to shock a lot of folks, but research shows that weeks and weeks of cardio workouts do little – if anything – to help men and women lose stomach fat.

In fact, after 1 year of cardio (over 300 hours of exercise), one study found men and women lost only 4-6 pounds. In another study, a 12-week program of cardio workouts (three workouts of 40-minutes per week) did not help women lose belly fat. So if you are relying on cardio to lose stomach fat, you are probably wasting your time. Change it up!

Now that you know what to avoid if you want to burn belly fat, let’s focus on the things you must do right. First, eat a diet of whole, natural foods. Cut out any foods from a bag or a box, and start eating fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, protein, and healthy fats.

Second, start using Turbulence Training to lose stomach fat. Instead of doing a slow cardio warm-up on the treadmill, than a long cardio workout, and then low-intensity circuit training, you’ll get better results if you use Turbulence Training.

A Turbulence Training workout starts with bodyweight circuits to warm-up the body, and then you do resistance training supersets followed by interval training to guarantee you will lose stomach fat. Plus, you workouts will be shorter, and less boring when you workout with Turbulence Training.

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