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Oh no, not more fat loss tips! You don’t need more generic weight loss tips. Instead, you need a proven fat burning plan that will work for you!

Check out the story of Emily Johnson, the winner of the first Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and find out how she skipped the fat loss tips and went with a proven plan to lose the muffin top get back into her skinny jeans.

For years, Emily had been relying on fat loss tips to lose weight. However, even though she was already working out and eating well most of the time, she just didn’t seem to be able to burn the fat she wanted from her butt and thighs.

Like many women, the truth was that Emily went in cycles of doing well and then lapsing into bad eating patterns. But in her mind, she thought she was eating a lot better than she was. If you have ever sabotaged your efforts by binge eating than you know what it feels like and what Emily was going through.

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After each binge, Emily was more frustrated and worse off than before. The fat loss tips she was relying on just weren’t doing the job. So when she finally joined the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, she discovered the secret of social support and accountability and the power that had to be more effective than just relying on a bunch of fat loss tips from a fitness (or worse, fashion) magazine.

As soon as Emily got on the forums and started interacting with other folks using Turbulence Training, it was like a switch was flipped and suddenly all the info she had gotten in her random fat loss tips was now starting to work. She started making rapid changes in her body with a weight loss program she found to be very simple to use.

One of the negative side effects of relying on only a random list of fat loss tips was that Emily began following a long, complex workout to try and lose weight. She read one tip that said “do cardio for 45 minutes” and another tip that said “do weight machines for 45 minutes” and before you know it, she was working out for hours and hours each week!

But with Turbulence Training, Emily is now spending less time in the gym than ever before while doing fun, fast, effective workouts that work! And of course, Emily developed her own list of NEW fat loss tips that work for her.

She recommends setting clear goals and having a plan to achieve them. She suggests eating whole, natural foods consistently. She recommends finding a simple diet that works for you. And of course, she insists that you get social support from folks in real life and on the Internet so that you are accountable. This will speed up your fat burning progress.

By the end of the 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, Emily lost 15.5 pounds of fat and had one of the most powerful before and after photos anyone had ever come across – and she wasn’t even wearing a bikini to do it! It was simply a photo of her in her favorite jeans before and after she lost the 15 pounds. Just wait till you see it!

Of all the fat loss tips Emily could give you, finding social support and accountability is the most important. However, this is the one that almost everyone neglects. But nothing is more powerful than interacting with other positive folks who have the same fat loss goals as you. So find social support today and you’ll have a secret weapon in your fat loss workout program.

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