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How to Lose Lower Ab Fat?

Losing belly fat is the easy part. The same goes for getting the top abdominal muscles to show. But losing lower ab fat and burning that last bit of belly fat is difficult, and requires a few extra tricks to help you get a completely flat stomach and the 6-pack abs you want.

Here are the 3 most important diet and exercise changes you can make to help you lose lower ab fat.

Tip #1 - Reduce carbohydrate intake from grains and eliminate all processed carbohydrates.

If you've already lost a lot of belly fat and can see the top part of your abs, then you probably have already eliminated candy, soda, juice, cookies, chips, and other processed carbohydrates from your diet. But if you haven't, that's the easiest thing you can do to burn more belly fat and see your lower abs.

Once you've done that, you should also start to remove breads, pastas, and sneaky breakfast cereals (that are often packed with sugar) from your diet to help you lose lower ab fat.

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Personally, I tried an experiment back in December of 2005 that helped me lose that last 1% of belly fat that I needed to take my lower abs to the next level. I eliminated all the so-called "good carbohydrates" from my diet such as whole-wheat pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, and whole-grain breads and I ate all my carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Within just a few weeks, I was able to drop from 9% body fat to 8% body fat and the difference in my lower abs was huge!

Work on reducing your carbohydrate intake each day. Replace one piece of toast with an apple, or a half-serving of pasta with more steamed broccoli and mixed vegetables. Slowly decrease your modified carbohydrate foods and you will lose lower ab fat.

Tip #2 - Replace low-intensity cardio with high-intensity cardio or interval training.

Research shows that high-intensity cardio and interval training work better if you want to burn lower belly fat. In fact, some of the research shows that 40 minutes of slow cardio does not burn belly fat at all. So if you are doing five, six, or even seven days of low intensity cardio to lose your lower ab fat, you should replace three of those workouts with shorter, more effective high-intensity cardio or interval training.

In fact, if you only had to choose one type of lower ab fat burning workout, you should use interval training. You'll get more fat burning results in the least amount of workout time, and interval training workouts go by the fastest. Nothing is worse than doing boring cardio when it won't help you lose lower ab fat.

Tip #3 - Use total body resistance exercises, and total body ab exercises, to sculpt your lower abs.

Your resistance training workouts are a key part of burning belly fat and helping you see your lower abs.

You should do short, intense total-body resistance training workouts using no more than six exercises. Use the Turbulence Training non-competing supersets system to get more belly fat burning results in less workout time.

Do only one to two ab exercises one to two times per week. That is all you need. Focus on non-crunch ab exercises as well, such as the side plank, hanging knee raise, hanging leg raise, exercise ball rollouts, and exercise ball jackknives for lower ab results.

If you want to lose lower belly fat, avoid long, slow cardio, modified carbohydrates, and crunches. Instead, to see your lower abs, eat more fruits and vegetables, do interval training, and use total body ab exercises to sculpt your six pack abs.

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