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If you want to lose weight, there are only three simple things you need to do.

The 3 simple steps to weight loss involve a small change in your diet - but still allowing you to eat and stay full, a reduction in your workout time by improving the type of cardio you do, and adding a bigger fat burning furnace to your body to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight faster than ever.

Here are the top 3 things you need to do to lose weight, flatten your belly, and burn fat from your chest, thighs, and abs.

#1 - You need to eat more fruits and vegetables and raw nuts

These three types of foods should be the foundation of your weight loss diet, but don't worry, you can still eat a lot of food while you lose weight.

Did you know that for each coffee-shop muffin you eat, you could have eaten three or four apples? Don't you think that would fill you up longer and faster than a muffin?

Did you know that for each chocolate bar you eat, you could have had three bananas? And you'd actually make a dent in your hunger with the bananas. With most high-calorie snack food, you never actually fill your appetite. You just get fat and stay hungry!

Did you know that for each handful of pretzels, you could have had a handful of protein and fiber-rich almonds? These will fill you up for longer than pretzels, which are not much better than eating candy.

Just make those types of simple changes, adding a serving of fruits and vegetables to each one of your meals and snacks and you'll end up eating fewer calories so you can lose weight without huge sacrifices.

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#2 - Stop doing cardio and start doing interval training

Interval training will help you lose weight and burn more belly fat than doing slow, boring, longer cardio workouts. In one research study, women did a 12-week program of 3 cardio workouts per week and didn't lose weight, while another group of women did interval training and lost a lot of belly fat.

This is a huge mindset shift for men and women that want to lose weight, but nothing works faster than interval training. Plus, interval training workouts only need to last 20 minutes, not 40 or 60 minutes like most slow cardio programs require.

#3 - Build a fat burning furnace with resistance training

You can burn fat without doing any cardio at all or even changing your diet if you do resistance training, like the superset program you'll find in the Turbulence Training for fat loss workout program.

Choose fat burning total body exercises that you can do with only your bodyweight or dumbbells in the comfort of your own home, and you'll be able to lose weight with this shockingly different type of training. You can even use only bodyweight exercises to burn fat and flatten your stomach.

I've shown you three ways to lose weight without a huge amount of sacrifice or the need to do long, slow cardio workouts. Have fun with the NEW way of weight loss.

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