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Fat loss nutrition is simple. It is really easy. At least, on paper it is easy, but as we all know, sticking to a fat loss diet is a tough thing to do. But the least I can do is give you some helpful nutrition tips to show you how to eat to lose fat.

Step #1 - Stick to whole, natural foods

I know that you can get Weight Watchers foods from the frozen section in your grocery store, but it would be healthier and give you more results if you could simply buy your own produce and protein and create your meals yourself. And you can even eat whole natural foods on the go.

For example, for breakfast, I recently grabbed 2 bananas, 2 ounces of almonds, and an apple. There is a lot of filling fiber in this breakfast. It's also important that you ignore myths such as, "Fruit can make you fat", because fruit will NOT make you fat. I eat over 10 servings of fruit each day most days of the week, and I have body fat under 10%.

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Plus, nuts will not make you fat. In fact, research shows they can help you lose weight. Even though they are high in calories, they fill you up and stop you from eating too much food at future meals.

So base your diet around fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. Avoid nuts that have been roasted in oil or vegetables that have been drowned in butter. These three foods are a key part of the best diet for fat loss.

Step #2 - Choose healthy snacks and avoid processed carbohydrates

For snacks, it is easy to grab more fruit and nuts, or to snack on cut-up raw vegetables and salsa while sitting at a desk. I'm not a huge fan of protein shakes, but they help curb your appetite as well. Look for protein shakes that do not contain a lot of carbohydrates per serving (less than 6 grams per serving). There are even plenty of vegetarian protein shake options, such as pea protein.

Avoid all snacks coming in a bag or a box, even snacks that you think are healthy like pretzels. These high-carbohydrate snacks are processed, and contain very few nutrients, plus they do not contain a lot of fiber and therefore will not fill you up. You'll be hungry again in an hour.

Step #3 - Find the right diet for your personality

Some folks thrive on a fat loss nutrition plan of 6 small meals per day, or 3 meals plus 2 snacks. But other folks have jobs that won't let them do this, so they use intermittent fasting instead. This approach to dieting is garnering a lot of attention among busy folks, and you can learn more at eatstopeat.com. It will save you time on food preparation and clean-up. But if you are more of the analytical type, you'll probably like the diet where you eat several small meals per day.

Step #4 - Plan, shop, and prepare

On the weekend, take 1-2 hours to plan your meals, shop for ingredients, and prepare as much of your food as possible. Wash and cut up all of your vegetables, pre-cook a large amount of chicken breasts, and place nuts into containers for transport. This will save you a lot of time and hassle, and help you avoid nutrition obstacles during the week. If you don't plan, shop, and prepare, you'll end up making bad diet decisions during the week, and you will gain fat.

So use these fat loss nutrition tips to get the right fat burning diet in your weight loss plan.

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