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Workout Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast

If you are struggling to lose belly fat fast even though you are exercising almost every day and doing a lot of cardio, then youíre going to love these workout tips to burn stomach fat.

Iíve lost count of how many marathon runners and cardio-addicted men and women who have come to me complaining they canít lose belly fat, even though they were doing hours and hours of cardio each week.

We would sit down and go through their programs and I would point out that they were doing too much long, low-intensity exercise (i.e. low intensity cardio). You don't need to do that much exercise to lose fat. They just needed to change their programs to quick workouts instead. So here are the best workout tips to lose belly fat.

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Tip #1 Ė Just Say NO to Cardio

Stop doing long, slow, boring cardio and switch to shorter, more effective interval training workouts. Youíll lose belly fat fast with interval training.

To do intervals, start with a warm-up, and then alternate between hard exercise and easy exercise for 6-10 minutes. Finish with a cool-down and then youíre done. For more interval workouts, grab your copy of Turbulence Training.

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Tip #2 Ė Sculpt your body and burn fat with resistance training

One of the biggest mistakes they were making was that they neglected resistance training. If you really want to change your body, you need to do some resistance training twice per week.

A simple 10-15 minute total body workout of dumbbell squats, the toughest pushup for your fitness level, stability ball leg curls, and dumbbell rows will help you change your body. For more resistance exercise tips, watch my Youtube videos.

Tip #3 Ė Change your workout every 4 weeks

Cardio junkies do the same thing over and over and over and over again for weeks, months, and years. But they donít get results. Isnít that telling you something?

Yes, itís telling you that you need to follow tips 1 and 2 from above, but also that you need to change your workouts frequently. In the Turbulence Training programs, I change your workouts every 4 weeks to help you lose belly fat month after month.

And thereís one last thing I should mention. For almost every man and woman, you will lose belly fat fast from diet, not exercise. I found that most of these cardio folks were using cardio as an excuse to eat too much.

They were cheating too much on weekends and snacking mindlessly. They didnít realize that diet is the biggest factor in fat loss, and most folks were cheating a lot more than they like to think.

I gave them 3 simple nutrition rules to lose belly fat to go along with the workout tips.

The first diet rule is to stop eating added sugar.

Runners and cardio folks are notorious for eating high-carbohydrate snacks with added sugars and sugar-laden beverages after their workouts. Do NOT do this. It will negate your workout and stop you from losing belly fat fast. Eliminate added sugars. Indulge your sweet tooth with whole fruit instead.

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The second nutrition rule to lose belly fat fast is to avoid eating foods from a bag or box.

These are often high-calorie, processed carbohydrate and high-fat foods that donít even fill you up. So stop eating breakfast cereals, granola bars, donuts, pastries, cookies, crackers and chips. But you already knew that, right?

So that brings us to the third diet rule to lose belly fat fast which is, ďeat a diet of whole, natural foodsĒ.

That means eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and natural protein sources. Take a little time to plan, shop, and prepare and youíll easily be able to ward off temptation of high-sugar processed foods because youíll always have whole natural food to fill you up.

Combine those diet tips and workouts tips to lose belly fat fast and just say NO to cardio!

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