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Cardio workouts are over-rated for fat loss. After all, you can't out-train a bad diet, and so no matter how much boring cardio you do, you won't lose belly fat if you eat fast food everyday. So stay out of the drive-thru!

That said, exercise is essential for sculpting your body, burning belly fat, building muscle, and getting a lean, flat stomach - and even six pack abs! But you don't have to do cardio. Instead, you should focus on interval training to burn fat.

Interval training can be considered to be a type of cardio exercise. However, in an interval workout, instead of exercising at the same steady pace for 30-60 minutes, you'll alternate between hard bursts and easy recovery intervals. It's simple.

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For example, here's one of the most effective intermediate fat burning cardio workouts you can do with interval training. First, you'll start with a normal warm-up, starting easy and slowly building up your pace over 5 minutes.

Once that is done, you'll move into your first interval of 60 seconds. I want you to exercise at an 8/10 intensity level for this first cardio portion. What's an 8/10 intensity level? Great question.

In my fat burning workouts, I always have interval training performed at an intensity level on a scale of 1-10. The best way to understand intensity is to compare it to normal cardio. I always tell clients that normal cardio is a 6/10 intensity.

That means you can exercise for 30 minutes at 6/10 intensity, and so with your intervals, you'll have to work at a harder than normal cardio pace. At the extreme end, I refer to a 10/10 intensity level as the pace you would use when running for your life.

We won't ever go that hard in our interval training workouts, for safety reasons of course. But in the intervals, we'll use either a 7/10 (beginner), 8/10 (intermediate or for longer advanced intervals), or a 9/10 (for short advanced intervals).

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Hopefully you're starting to understand what I'm talking about. It's pretty simple when you look at it that way. But there's one other important component to interval training, and that is the recovery interval.

After you've done your 60 second burst of exercise, you need to follow it up with a short period of recovery at 3/10 intensity. Unfortunately, this really trips people up (mentally) because they are so familiar with the regular cardio mindset of always having a high heart rate during training.

And when I ask them to recover (3/10 is basically walking at a slow pace), it causes people to panic. They worry that because their heart rate is dropping back down that they would no longer be burning fat. But that is not the case.

The focus on cardio workouts using interval training is to go hard for a short burst and then recover for a short time, and to alternate back and forth. Again, it's that simple. Forget about your heart rate, that means nothing for fat loss.

Instead, by doing this cardio interval training - doing about 6 hard intervals alternated with 6 recovery intervals - you'll burn fat and build better fitness than if you did long, slow boring cardio for twice the time.

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