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Did you know that sugar is the number one enemy in your fight for reducing belly fat, especially that last bit of hard to lose lower belly fat? Well, it is, of course as long as you aren't drinking too many beers as well!

But every time I go through the diet plan of someone who is struggling to lose belly fat, I find that they are eating more calories than they originally thought, and it is almost always because of mindless snacking on sugary junk.

Now there are a few times when we find this mindless snacking occurring. First and foremost, it happens right after work. You go home and it's an hour to dinner, but you are already hungry. So what can you do?

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Well, you put your hand in the cookie jar, or you grab some ice cream, or snack on the kid's treats. But that is too much sugar, and it raises insulin which blocks fat burning. It really hurts your progress in reducing belly fat.

The second most common time is after dinner while you are relaxing with the family or paying bills or watching TV. For some reason we are all drawn to the cupboard to see what is there. Hey, it happens to me too!

And then the 3rd most common time for snacking on sugary calories is on the weekend, when we feel like we deserve a reward for a hard week of work. And that's fair, but you must limit your rewards and you must be careful of your portions. Plus, you have to watch out for all those calories that can come from alcohol.

So your struggle against belly fat starts with fighting sugar. And that's why the #1 weapon in the fight for reducing belly fat is cleaning up your diet. You need to create rituals and routines that help you avoid eating extra calories.

You might consider switching your workout time to right after work. So you'd go from the office to the gym where you'd do Turbulence Training. This will keep you busy, and the short, burst workouts also help you control your appetite.

Most folks don't know that about Turbulence Training, but the resistance training and interval training increase appetite-fighting hormones in your blood. On the other hand, if you just do long slow cardio workouts, you might have an increase in appetite.

In fact, and I know this sounds crazy, but researchers from Britain found that some people end up over-eating after cardio and even gained weight during a weight loss exercise program!

So make sure that your exercise program is not causing you to pack on the pounds. As I mentioned earlier, the best way to reduce belly fat through exercise is with interval training and resistance training, found in the Turbulence programs.

That gives you a fighting chance for reducing belly fat. It's all about eliminating extra sugar and increasing your workout intensity. This helps your body control insulin - the hormone that blocks fat burning - and increases the power of the appetite controlling hormones in your body after exercise.

That's a 1-2 punch to help you lose belly fat.

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