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All guys want to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. But for most guys, itís as elusive as the perfect women. Sure, some guys can do it, but most guys just give up and go into the dreaded ďbulkĒ and ďcutĒ cycle which is nothing more than one step forward and one step back.

Fortunately, over the years Iíve discovered the secrets to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, and they are going to be revealed to you today.

First, focus on multi-muscle exercises to get more done in less time. Youíll build more muscle and burn more calories doing chin-ups than you will doing pulldowns or biceps curls. Pulldowns are a good exercise, but not the best exercise you can choose if you want to lose fat build muscle.

Other exercises you should include are squats, deadlifts, chest presses, rows, and standing shoulder presses. Exercises you should eliminate include leg extensions, triceps kickbacks, lateral raises, and concentration curls. Youíll get more muscle building, fat burning results with the former than the latter.

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The second essential substitution you need to make is to get rid of slow, boring cardio and start doing interval training as well. This will get you training like an athlete, rather than a marathon runner. After all, would you rather look like a sprinter or a scrawny cross country runner? If you want to lose fat build muscle, youíll stick to shorter distances.

Set up your program to start with bodyweight warm-up circuits, then move on to superset strength training, and finish with interval training. The best workouts for you are the Turbulence Training for Muscle programs, although for more fat loss, Turbulence Training 2K3 and 2K4 from the fat loss program will work perfectly!

If you have more fat to lose, do interval training up to 4 times per week while doing resistance training only 3 times per week. If you need to build more muscle, do 4 strength workouts and only 1-2 interval training sessions per week.

You must change your workout programs frequently. That is the fourth essential component of being able to lose fat build muscle at the same time. Every four weeks, move on to the next Turbulence Training program in the system, no matter if you are using TT for Fat Loss or TT for Muscle.

Of course, no program can overcome the fourth essential component of a system that helps you lose fat and build muscle at the same time, and that is nutrition. You must eat a diet of whole, natural foods, focusing on fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts, as well as slightly more protein than recommended by the government.

However, you donít have to overload and drown your body in protein shakes. You should be able to get all of your extra protein needs from food, but protein shakes are okay if you use a quality brand. When you add extra protein to your diet, you need to also remove excess sugar and processed carbohydrates. Get rid of any food from a bag or a box to keep it simple.

Finally, the fifth, and often forgotten factor in being able to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously is social support. That simply means hanging around with folks who encourage you to reach your goals. Donít hang around people who want to get drunk all the time and eat chicken wings. Youíll never lose fat and get ripped with that life.

Get a nutrition buddy at work, a workout partner for the gym, and use the online social support from Turbulence Training members on the TT forums. Those five simple secrets are how you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

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