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How to Lose Body Fat?

When one my best friends came to me asking how to lose body fat, the first thing I did was not to put him on a hardcore exercise program (even though he was young and relatively fit), but it was to take a look at his diet.

These days it is so much easier to eat more calories in 10 minutes than you could possibly burn in 100 minutes, so exercise is only a small part of the equation if you want to know how to lose body fat.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Jack, my buddy, his nutrition couldn’t get much worse. It was only the fact that he was young, male, and semi-active that kept him from being more than 30 pounds overweight. Each day he drank about 8 cans of soda (and not diet soda!), ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and chicken fingers and fries for dinner.

On weekends he would eat even bigger breakfasts, subs and chips for lunch, and pizza and burgers for dinner, and then 12 beers with the boys. Eventually Jack weighed a chubby 210 pounds at only 5’10”. Each winter he would gain the weight, and then lose some of it in the summer as he became more active.

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His diet contained the three foods you must not eat if you want to lose fat and be healthy:

1.French fries



But this wasn’t the right way to live, and he knew. So that’s when he asked me how to lose body fat. Fortunately, Jack was the best client I could have, and he made all the changes I recommended, and loves his new healthy eating diet. Heck, with the exception of his reward meal pizzas, he almost eats as well as I do!

Jack eliminated the processed carbs and sugar, with his biggest change being the elimination of the soda. He now grabs green tea and water all day long. He’s cut out almost all trans fats, getting rid of the fries and chicken fingers (although there are still trans fats in some pizza crusts).

He eats at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, making power salads with chicken or salmon and spinach, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and other vegetables. He eats more protein and vegetables for dinner. He snacks on apples and bananas.

And he’s cut down his weekend drinking, replacing it with what he calls the natural highs of being healthy. It’s amazing when someone finds out how to lose body fat that they are able to appreciate how much energy, vitality, endurance and stamina they can have thanks to their food choices.

In fact, Jack regularly works 14-18 hour shifts at a hospital and says it doesn’t bother him one bit. He’s got more than enough energy to work that long. And he’s no longer sleepy at 4pm, like he used to be during his overweight days, when he’d come home from work and fall asleep for 2 hours before getting up and eating another sleep-inducing meal.

And of course, we had Jack start using the Turbulence Training workouts. Other trainers are calling him the “fittest guy at the gym” where there are over 5000 members! He’s a legend thanks to his short, burst Turbulence Training workouts.

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