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The best fat loss exercises can help you lose 2 pounds per week and up to 5 pounds per week in the first two weeks of your exercise program. But this doesnít require 90 minutes of slow cardio. Instead, youíll use short, burst exercise sessions to lose fat.

Doctors have it all wrong about weight loss. They tend to be out of touch, and so they tell you to do aerobic exercise (cardio) and expect the fat to fall off your body. But as a trainer who has spent as much time in the gym as a doctor has in his office, I can guarantee you that most people will fail with cardio.

In fact, some of my favorite clients have been doctors, and as much as I love them, they didnít know a thing about how to exercise or diet for fat loss. Most doctors get little, if any education about diet and fat loss exercises. After all, in the past, doctors didnít have to deal with that.

It wasnít until the past decade or so that obesity has become a huge problem, and now not only are doctors struggling to help their clients lose weight, but they are also struggling to lose their own belly fat with fat loss exercises.

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So Iím going to give you a list of the top circuit fat loss exercises to help you burn belly fat is less time than ever. And Iíll even give you a sample workout, including one that Iíve used with my doctor clients.

First, your fat loss exercises circuit program must include a squat movement. This can be wall squats for beginners, bodyweight squats, or even barbell squats for advanced fat loss. You can also do dumbbell swings, kettlebell snatches, or medicine ball squat presses. A good trainer will know hundreds of squat movements.

The second exercise is any type of pushing movement. For beginners, kneeling pushups, dumbbell presses, or resistance band chest presses will work. For more advanced fitness levels, youíll have dozens of pushups, dumbbell presses, barbell presses, cable exercises and kettlebell exercises to choose from.

The third fat loss exercises movement is a pulling exercise. This is tough for beginners who have no equipment. Youíll need a resistance band or dumbbells if you exercise at home. If you workout at a gym, a seated cable row is great, and there are many varieties you can do.

Fourth, back to the legs for a single-leg movement. These are tough, but necessary. Beginners might do lying 1-leg hip extensions, while the most advanced move is a single-leg squat.

Finally, we finish off the fat loss exercises circuit with a total body ab exercise such as a plank (for beginners) or stability ball jackknife (for advanced). There are hundreds of ďno-crunchĒ exercises you can choose from. Just say NO to crunches.

So a sample intermediate fat loss exercises workout looks like this (itís from my doctor-friendís program). We start with 15 prisoner squats, then 15 close-grip pushups, then 10 inverted bodyweight rows, then 12 split squats per leg, and then 10 mountain climbers per side. Then we rest one minute and repeat 2 more times. Thatís a quick workout even the busiest doctor can do.

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