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I always give bodybuilders a hard time about their fat loss workouts and diets. They just don't realize that they don't have to do such long workouts to burn fat or too starve themselves to get lean. In fact, they could workout in half the time by using interval training, and they could avoid going hungry if they skipped the rice cakes and ate more fruit instead.

A typical bodybuilder fat loss workout program goes like this. Each morning, get up and do slow cardio on an empty stomach, even it is just walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes at 3.5 mph. While that will burn about 300 calories, that is not a good use of anyone's time. Who has an hour to waste walking on a treadmill? And that doesn't even count as their real fat loss workout.

After this boring and useless cardio, bodybuilders like to eat oatmeal and protein powder. That's fine, but bodybuilders make the mistake of thinking that eating fruit stops fat loss. It doesn't. Fruit does not make you fat. I don't know about you, but if my choice was oatmeal or an apple and a banana, I'd take the fruit every time.

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Bodybuilders tend to eat similar small meals over the course of the day, often consuming far more protein shakes than any digestive system should have to put up with, and that's why so many bodybuilders pass so much gas. One mistake that bodybuilders still make on a fat loss diet is to eat a lot of rice cakes. I was surprised to see bodybuilders still eating those things, because I though everyone knew that processed carbohydrates like rice cakes were a terrible way to help control your appetite. Again, a better choice would be fruit or raw nuts, but most bodybuilders are brainwashed into thinking that neither of these are a good choice for fat loss.

Later in the afternoon, most bodybuilders do their real workout consisting of a one-body part weight training session (i.e. chest or back or arms or legs) and then even more slow, boring cardio (seriously, how do they tolerate the monotony?). Nine times out of ten, the bodybuilder will waste even more time by doing 20 minutes of abs to end each workout. Of course, doing this much ab work does not help with fat loss and doesn't even guarantee that you will get six pack abs. I don't recommend doing more than 6 minutes of abs, three times per week. That is plenty, and you'll still be able to have six pack abs like me by doing only a little bit of ab training.

The fastest ways to improve a bodybuilder fat loss program would be to replace slow, boring cardio exercise with interval training, and to do total-body resistance training workouts instead of the one body part per day approach that should have gone out of style 10 years ago. Training one body part everyday is a guaranteed way to get a shoulder injury. Your joints just aren't able to handle so much lifting. Bodybuilders need to cut back. Lift no more than 4 days per week. Stick to total body workouts or upper-lower body splits.

By adding fruit and nuts to the bodybuilder's diet, cutting back on protein shakes and trying to get more real food, and by replacing cardio with interval training while cutting back on total workout volume, we can help a bodybuilder with his fat loss program while making him healthier at the same time.

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