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When Kelly started using my fitness circuit training workouts, she wanted to lose fat and look sexy. But even she was shocked at how fast these workouts worked for burning fat. Plus, the circuits were so much faster than her traditional cardio workouts.

In the past, she'd go to the gym everyday, or worse, run outside in the snow on the icy roads and sidewalks. It's a surprise to me that she didn't get hurt with that exercise schedule. Fortunately, when I released the Turbulence Training circuit workouts, she was open-minded and gave them a try.

She'd go to her local gym after work three times per week and she'd whip through a bodyweight warm-up, followed by 20 minutes of circuit training. That was it, she was done, although once in a while she'd do some interval training to finish off.

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Kelly soon became the biggest fan of fitness circuit training workouts. From dumbbell circuits to bodyweight circuits and even the Turbulence Training medicine ball circuits, she kept burning fat and sculpting her muscles with each workout. Trainers who run bootcamps can also use the Turbulence Training circuits for their classes.

I knew that each time I designed a circuit workout, I'd be hearing from Kelly on the TT member's forum about how much she loved the program and the great results she was getting…plus, how much time she was saving in her workouts.

Turbulence Training For Buff Dudes

But some folks think circuit training is for beginners, but it's not. It can be made into some of the hardest workouts you can do. In fact, by arranging the exercises in the Big 5 circuit format, you can create intense muscle-sculpting workouts for all fitness levels.

Here's how the Big 5 Turbulence Training fitness circuit training workouts go. First, you start with a squat-type exercise. This can be anything from the basic bodyweight squat all the way up to a barbell squat, not too mention single-leg squats in between. Or for variety, you could use kettlebell swings or snatches.

Turbulence Training For Women

The next movement can be either pushing or pulling. For pushing, you can do the basic pushup or dumbbell chest presses, it all depends on your goals. For pulling, you can do dumbbell rows or bodyweight rows, chinups or pulldowns, pull-ups or barbell rows. There are a lot of options.

So by now you've gone through squats, pushes, and pulls, it's time to get back to single-leg exercises. Kelly loves doing lunges and split squats for her legs and butt. But when I train beginners, we'll use 1-leg lying hip extensions.

Turbulence Training For Fat Loss

Finally, it is time to finish of the circuit workout with a total body ab exercise. This can include planks and side planks for beginners, or for girls like Kelly, we'll use stability ball pikes or rollouts, or sometimes even cable abs if she's at the gym.

This powerful fat burning circuit takes only a short amount of time and can also be used by trainers who run bootcamps so that you can train dozens of clients at once with the Turbulence Training fitness circuit training workouts.

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