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How to Lose Thigh Fat?

One of the biggest, scariest surprises women get when they start doing cardio – especially spinning classes – is that often their thighs get bigger! Why does this happen? How can you the lose thigh fat?

According to some experts, doing cardio releases fat into the blood stream from fat stores all over the body, and of course is burned during the cardio workout. However, at the end of exercise, there’s always some fat left in the blood stream and it has to go somewhere. So it is believed that this fat then heads to thighs, because that is where a woman’s body likes to store body fat.

Hopefully I didn’t lose you there. Let me explain again. Cardio exercise causes fat to be released, often from stores in the upper body. At the end of exercise, when calorie burning slows down, any excess fat left in the blood stream ends up being stored in thighs.

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So you’re upper body gets lean, but your thighs get bigger. Do you think that has ever happened to you? You might find it easy to lose upper body fat, as most women do, but you don’t how to lose thigh fat. And the truth is, losing thigh fat is hard if you just rely on normal cardio.

However, there are three better ways to lose thigh fat, including…

1. A reduced-carbohydrate diet rich in fruits and vegetables

2. Interval training

3. Resistance training, including bodyweight exercises

Most women make the mistake of eating too many modified carbohydrates when they are trying to lose thigh fat. You have probably heard of processed carbohydrates, and how bad they are for you. These include chips, cookies, white bread, white pasta, and sugary breakfast cereals.

But I also include any modified carbohydrate as being foods that can slow down your fat loss. By modified, I mean any food that isn’t in its natural form. All pastas are modified. All juices have been modified. All breakfast cereals have been modified.

The only carbohydrate foods that haven’t been modified are fruits and vegetables and raw nuts. Those are the carbohydrate sources you should stick with to lose thigh fat. So decrease your calories by 10% and improve the quality of your diet by eliminating modified carbohydrates, and you’ll burn inches from your thighs fast.

Next, you need to replace long, slow cardio sessions with interval training. Interval training may cause the release of fat from the thighs, and your body will burn this fat during and after interval training.

There’s one additional trick that might help you. After you do your short interval training workout that releases thigh fat, you can do 20 minutes of normal cardio to burn the fat in your blood stream so that it doesn’t go back to your thighs. This is how you can finally lose your thigh fat and get your lower body as lean as your upper body.

Finally, do not be afraid of resistance training to help your burn inches from your thighs. Resistance training is a powerful fat burning type of workout. You can also use bodyweight exercises to help your muscles release fat. So the best workout to help you lose fat might be 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises, followed by 15 minutes of interval training, followed by 15 minutes of high-intensity cardio.

That would be a powerful workout to lose thigh fat.

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