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Itís time to destroy some of the most popular weight loss myths that are holding you back, and keeping you broke, frustrated, tired, and overweight.

Iím so sick of hearing about the latest weight loss scam from Hollywood, or cleansing, or Acai berry juice. These are all a big joke for fat loss. If you want to lose weight, you need to stop listening to crazy trainers who donít have a clue about your health and fitness. Here are some of the biggest weight loss myths.

First, one big one that really bugs me is the myth that you can lose fat by drinking ice cold water. Thatís such a joke. Whatís next, being told that you can lose weight by drinking ice cold beer? Ha! Wouldnít that be nice?

The truth is that even if ice cold water does burn a few calories, itís not even 1/100th as effective as actually getting out there and exercising. Forget about ice cold water for weight loss, youíll be disappointed if you put faith in that.

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Next up, if youíve heard of negative calorie foods, you probably thought this was the greatest news ever delivered. But itís a myth, there are no foods that cause you to burn more calories than they contain.

Iíve even seen apples and bananas listed as negative calorie foods, but donít tell Gorillas that! After all, theyíve been getting big and strong on bananas and other so-called ďnegative calorie foodsĒ for centuries. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I also urge you to just say no to cardio. I know youíve been told that doing long, slow, boring cardio workouts is the best way to achieve weight loss, but research and experience tells me it isnít.

First of all, diet is the fastest way to lose weight. Stop eating processed foods and start eating more fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. Stop eating high-carbohydrate diets. You can easily reduce your carbohydrate intake by cutting out processed foods from a bag or a box, and then by reducing your intakes of grain products (like pasta, bread, and breakfast cereals).

Despite what all the marketing has told you, you donít need to eat a lot of whole-grain products everyday. You can get a lot of fiber from whole, natural, unmodified foods such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Second, cardio has been shown in many studies to be a really bad, boring, time-wasting approach for weight loss. One study found that men and women who did 300 hours of cardio per year lost an average of 6 pounds of fat. That sucks, and Iím not going to let any clients waste their time on that.

Third, when compared head to head against interval training (like that found in Turbulence Training), cardio failed to burn belly fat. So the best weight loss plan doesnít need to bore you with long workouts. Stick to a whole, natural foods diet, short resistance training sessions, and brief interval training programs, and you will lose weight.

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