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There are 3 ways to improve your fat burning results, but they don't include slow boring cardio, high-carbohydrate diets, or high-repetition weight training, even though those are the first three things that come to most people's minds when they think body fat loss.

The latest weight loss research shows that to speed up your fat burning, you need to:

1. Eat a diet of whole, natural foods, including a lot of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Use interval training or high-intensity cardio instead of regular slow cardio

3. Burn belly fat with intense resistance training programs from Turbulence Training

For more body fat loss, your diet has to stop including foods like bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, sugar, juices, soda, and high calorie coffees. Those are the first foods that should go if you want to kick-start your weight loss - of course, all junk food should already be gone from your diet, that's a given!

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There are 2 fat burning tips that come as a shock to many dieters.

1. You can eat all the fruit you want and still lose fat.

2. You can eat raw nuts - high in fat and calories - and still lose weight.

Research shows that eating more fruits and vegetables helps people lose weight. Now you might have heard that "fruit makes you fat", but that's a big body fat loss myth. It just doesn't make sense. Fruit is low calorie, nutrient dense, and contains lots of fiber. Heck, Japan even promotes the banana diet, but that's another article for another day.

The other bigger nutrition shock is that researchers found eating almonds helps weight loss. Most people associate nuts with fat and calories, and therefore don't think eating nuts could help body fat loss.

However, one study had subjects remove a certain amount of carbohydrate from their diet and replace it with an equal number of calories from almonds. The researchers were shocked to find that the almond group had more body fat loss from this change. So you can eat nuts and fruit and lose weight.

Once your diet is in order, you can start improving your workout program. Three times per week you can replace slow cardio workouts with shorter interval training workouts. Interval training takes only 20 minutes per session to burn belly fat.

After a warm-up, do a one minute "work interval" where you will exercise harder than normal cardio. After one minute, decrease the intensity all the way down to a cool-down level for one minute. Repeat the hard-easy combo up to 6 times and then finish with a cool down. That is the simplest way to do interval training.

Finally, recent research also shows that resistance training can help women burn more calories and achieve more body fat loss than other workouts. In these studies, women did total body workouts for fat loss, and also worked harder than normal.

So if you are doing 12 repetitions for an exercise, increase the weight by 5% and decrease the number of repetitions per set to 8. You should be able to get 8, but not 9 repetitions per set. You can do this with dumbbell exercises or bodyweight exercises.

Those are the 3 shocking secrets to helping you get more body fat loss in less workout time than ever before!

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