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Fat Burning Workout You Can Do At Home

If you think that you have to go to a gym to do a fat burning workout, then you are dead wrong. A big, fancy, expensive gym doesn't have any advantage over a good home gym when it comes to fat loss. In fact, you don't need a single machine to burn fat. You can lose weight and burn belly fat in the comfort of your own home.

To get maximum results in your fat burning workout at home, you'll need a set of adjustable dumbbells, an exercise bench, and an exercise ball. If you are strong, you will also benefit from having a chin-up bar, but if you don't, that is okay, because there are other exercises you can substitute.

You don't even need a treadmill, because you can get a great fat burning workout with something called bodyweight circuits. Instead of finishing a workout with interval training on a treadmill, you can simply choose 6 bodyweight exercises and go through a circuit to finish off your workout.

Here's the best way to add bodyweight circuits to your fat loss program. Start by picking three lower-body bodyweight exercises and three upper-body bodyweight exercises. Begin the circuit by doing an easy bodyweight exercise first, such as bodyweight squats. Then move immediately, without rest, to an easy upper-body bodyweight movement. This would be a good time for basic style pushups.

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Alternate back and forth between a lower- and upper-body exercise, moving from one to another without resting. At the end of the fat burning circuit, rest for one minute and then repeat the circuit. Go through the calorie burning exercises at least 3 times, and this will take about 15 minutes.

The fat blasting bodyweight circuit goes at the end of the fat burning workout. Before getting to the circuit, you should do metabolism boosting resistance training supersets. You can use your dumbbells and advanced bodyweight exercises for this portion of the workout.

Pair upper body and lower body exercises in supersets, or pushing and pulling exercises to help you get more exercise done in less time. By doing that, you should be able to boost your metabolism and burn more fat. Here's a quick sample workout.

Start your weight loss workout with easy bodyweight exercises. This counts as a general warm-up. You'll then do 15-20 minutes of resistance training supersets, aiming to get one exercise for each major muscle group. After you've completed your fat burning total body workout, move on to bodyweight circuit training. This will take 15 minutes, and you'll be done this fat burning workout in only 45 minutes - or even less.


You don't need to do long, slow, boring cardio workouts to burn fat. Heck, those types of exercise sessions don't even work that well, if at all. You are better to stick to short, burst exercise programs that include supersets and bodyweight circuits in the workout plan. You'll have more fun and lose more fat with this new-style fat burning workout.

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