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Time for a history of weight loss reviews. We’re going to go back in the fat loss time machine to show your current workout of cardio doesn’t work for weight loss, and then we’ll show you the best fat loss program based on the latest science. So hold on, it’s going to be quite a ride.

Are you going “old school” with long, slow workouts that tend to frustrate people, break their bodies down, and get little results? Or are you using the “new school” fat loss methods that help men and women get twice the results in half the time?

Since the 1970’s, we’ve lived through the commercialization of weight loss exercise programs. But what started out as good intentions in the 1970’s has quickly become a waste of people’s valuable time. Aerobic workouts sounded good and healthy, but they don’t work that well for fat loss.

Just doing weight loss reviews of research studies shows cardio is not the best way to lose weight. In fact, aerobic workouts were not originally designed for weight loss at all.

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Aerobic workouts were meant for improving your cardiovascular health, but then the jogging revolution took off and the next thing you know, everyone was running to get rid of their belly fat but without much luck (and often getting nothing but overuse injuries).

In the 1980’s, bodybuilding became popular, and an unholy marriage of the long aerobic workouts and even longer Arnold-style bodybuilding workouts quickly led to marathon sessions in the gym. Soon people were expecting to be in the gym for 3 hours per day. Drop out rates skyrocketed.

Worse still, the 80’s brought together cheesy music, outrageous outfits, and bizarre aerobics classes. Today, there are millions of men and women folks who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those outfits or doing those classes. When your doing these weight loss reviews, you want to avoid the photos!

In all seriousness, this marathon mentality caused more overuse injuries and a lot of folks abandoned fitness altogether, leading to the huge obesity problems we have today. For the folks that stuck with these long workouts, many of them developed unhealthy diet Coke addictions and eating problems.

The fitness industry was sending the wrong messages. It was all about eating less, restricting fat, and working out more, more and more! But this lifestyle was not only unsustainable, but it didn’t work that well either!

In the 90’s we all became even busier. With less and less time to do workouts of any kind, folks started getting fatter and fatter. But hope was on the horizon. The fitness industry got smarter and started promoting harder, but shorter cardio workouts. Researchers even stumbled across interval training in their weight loss reviews.

Commercial gyms started promoting spinning classes, which aren’t perfect but were a lot better than telling folks to run marathons for fat loss. Stability ball training became popular, and even though some folks went overboard with it, there were some effective exercises showing people how to workout at home.

But there was still too much cardio and too much bodybuilding. Personal training was also on the rise, and this was one of the turning points of the fitness industry. Folks were gravitating to trainers who helped them lose more fat in less workout time. That caused trainers and gyms to discover faster, more effective workouts.

Finally, in the late 1990’s the Transformation Contest program caught on and trainers began using this to help men and women lose more fat in 12 weeks than anyone thought possible. Weight loss reviews show that the contest model is a great way to help folks burn more belly fat.

All of these changes led to “Turn of the Century” Fat Loss workouts. From stability ball exercises came a return to bodyweight training. From scientific research and Transformation Contests came more emphasis on supersets and interval training for fat loss.

In order to avoid overuse injuries, trainers focused on shorter workouts and also used total body workouts. Plus, trainers created “reality based” fat loss workouts that fit their client’s lives, rather than forcing their clients to fit a marathon fat loss workout schedule.

Fat loss workouts have changed over the years, evolving into fast fat burning programs that can help men and women safely lose up to 33 pounds of fat in 12 weeks. This wasn’t possible in the past without crash diets and restrictive living, but interval training, an emphasis on whole, natural foods (and away from carbohydrates and supplements), have allowed extraordinary results in ordinary people.

The new school of fat loss allows you to workout at home, in just 3 short workouts per week of 45 minutes or less, and still allows you to lose more fat than if you exercised 5 to 6 days per week at a gym. Hope you enjoyed these weight loss reviews!

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