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I have bad news for you. The best weight loss exercises don’t require fancy, expensive equipment, so if you’ve bought a treadmill or giant multi-gym station for your home, or if you pay an outrageous amount of money for a gym membership, the truth is you really don’t need those things to lose weight!

I’ll be showing you the 6 best fat burning moves in a moment, but realize you can do fat burning weight loss exercises with only your bodyweight or a set of dumbbells or kettlebells. Heck, I just designed a new fat burning workout program that uses only a medicine ball (and you can make one of those at home for cheap!).

Listen, the most important factor in a weight loss program is diet, not exercise. It doesn’t particularly matter if you use a low-carb diet, the Eat Stop Eat diet, or eat six small meals a day (because those all work), but the truth is you’ll be able to lose a lot of weight with just diet alone.

Weight loss exercises help speed up the fat burning process, but even the best program can’t overcome a bad diet. Here are the top 6 fat burning moves you need in your workout routine…and none of them include traditional slow cardio! If you put these exercises together in a circuit, you’ll burn fat fast in a short amount of time.

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Weight Loss Exercise #1 – Squats

It doesn’t matter if you do bodyweight squats, split squats, dumbbell swings, kettlebell snatches, or barbell squats, a good workout routine always includes some type of movement done in the standing position where you push your hips back and get your leg muscles to do a lot of work.

Squats can burn more calories than almost any other movement, so they are mandatory in the Turbulence Training programs. And that’s why these programs help people lose fat fast.

Weight Loss Exercise #2 – Pushing Exercises

To sculpt your upper body (including your chest, triceps, and shoulders), you’ll use a pushing exercise, such as a chest press, or pushup, or overhead press. This can be done with bodyweight, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells.

Weight Loss Exercise #3 – Pulling Exercises

You will use rows or pull-ups to sculpt the muscles of your upper back. This is important because your back is another hot zone of the body where there is a lot of muscle mass to burn calories. Dumbbells are the best equipment to have for pulling exercises.

Weight Loss Exercise #4 – Single Leg Weight Loss Exercises

You’ll be able to focus in on your weak spots with step-ups, 1-leg hip extensions, split squats, lunges, 1-leg stability ball leg curls, or 1-leg Romanian Deadlifts. Single leg exercises are tough, but the results are worth it.

Weight Loss Exercise #5 – Total Body Ab Exercises

Instead of doing crunches, do planks, side planks, mountain climbers, or one of the stability ball ab exercises instead. These are better for your abs and safer for your low back.

Weight Loss Exercise #6 – Interval Training

Instead of doing slow cardio, use interval training as one of the best weight loss exercises you can do. Sure, you can use cardio machines, but you can also use medicine balls (woodchoppers), kettlebells (swings), or even just your own bodyweight (running in place). Or heck, just get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

The bottom line is that you don’t need to be stuck in a gym to lose weight, there are so many weight loss exercises you can do outside of the gym and you’ll have more fun!

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