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She came into the gym yelling, I need a good weight loss workout routine! Carly was frustrated, upset, and injured. She was doing it all wrong. Just four weeks earlier, realizing she wanted to lose 20 pounds, Carly started doing an hour of cardio everyday.

Unfortunately, this wasnít the best weight loss workout routine, and she ended up with an injury that plagued her for months. When she came to me, she was even a few pounds heavier than when she started her cardio program.

After calming down her fears and working with a therapist to alleviate some of the pain from the injury, we were given the green light to start Carly on an effective weight loss workout routine Ė one that I knew worked.

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She started with the beginner workouts from the Turbulence Training for fat loss program, mostly because Carly was not able to do some of the standing lower body exercises (thanks to her cardio injury). But she was amazed how hard she could exercise just lying on the ground.

Plus, Carly was a go-getter, so she listened to my instructions and prepared her meals exactly as I told her, focusing on fruits, vegetables, and whole natural foods. She tossed the processed carbohydrates and sugar, and this helped her lose 5 pounds fast.

If you are eating a high-carbohydrate diet or if you have a lot of extra sugar in the foods you eat, simply removing them from your nutrition plan can help you lose fat fast. Increase the amount of protein and fiber you eat, and youíll stay full and energetic all day long, and you wonít get tired, sleepy, or chubby.

Carly was making one other mistake in her weight loss workout routine, and had been relying on hundreds of crunches in each session, thinking that those would help her lose weight. However, I showed her these donít work. Instead, she focused on exercises like the plank and side plank, and built her abs with those moves.

Within a couple of weeks, Carly had been allowed to start doing cardio again, but I donít use that in the Turbulence Training weight loss workout routine programs I design for clients. Instead, we use interval training. If you donít know what that is, you are missing out on the most effective way to burn belly fat in a short amount of time!

Carly needed to replace the cardio in her weight loss workout routine and she loved interval training. You donít need to do as much interval training to get results, so we were able to cut her workout time in half. But before she did her interval training, she did dumbbell and bodyweight exercises from the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program.

Carly used supersets to shorten her workout even more, and we were done every workout in 45 minutes, including a warm-up and stretching session. Carly was thrilled with the results using Turbulence Training as her weight loss workout routine, and was happy to save time and get more results. After all, she was a busy working mom and needed more time to spend with her family.

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