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Running weight loss programs are a failure. I still don’t understand why millions of men and women – who hate jogging – continue to rely on ineffective, slow boring cardio workouts to help them lose fat, even when it is clear that jogging is doing nothing for weight loss and only hurting their joints.

If you are an overweight person, one of the worst things you can do for your knees and low-back are to start running 30 minutes per day. I’ve had client after client come to me after failing to lose weight with a running program, and the only thing they got was injured.

It’s painful to watch running weight loss programs. Most folks who take up jogging hate it, and to be frank, aren’t athletic enough to even jog down the street. Plus, as I mentioned, most folks suffer from the dark side of cardio (overuse injury) before they ever experience any weight loss.

If you expect running to help you with your weight loss, I know you are going to be disappointed. Fortunately, there are better ways of burning your belly fat.

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First, you need to focus on bodyweight exercises that strengthen the muscles around your joints and prepare you for more vigorous forms of activity.

Every beginner on Turbulence Training starts with a series of bodyweight exercises that can be done lying on a mat. These include lying hip extensions, stability ball leg curls, planks, kneeling pushups, bird dogs, and side planks. These exercises might sound easy – or silly – but they can give you a powerful workout lying down.

That’s where I start all of my overweight clients, and no matter if they are men or women, they are challenged by the workouts, and more importantly they lose weight and build their bodies up.

Running weight loss programs only break the body down. It is essential that everyone does at least two sessions of resistance training per week to strengthen their muscles. Beginners will achieve great results with these simple bodyweight exercises, along with the other beginner and intermediate dumbbell workouts in Turbulence Training for fat loss.

Surprisingly, I also use short interval training workouts with beginners. Research shows that interval training works better to burn belly fat, and my experience shows that beginners can do interval training in short bursts, as long as the workouts are shorter than normal cardio sessions.

Instead of going for a 40 minute jog, we have beginners do 10-20 minutes of interval training at a pace that is “slightly harder than normal cardio”, interspersed with easy rest periods. I also prefer using the stationary bike rather than the treadmill.

Of course, no running weight loss program or interval training program will work if my client doesn’t improve their diet to eat fewer processed foods and more fruits and vegetables.

If I could recommend just one dietary change, it wouldn’t be eat more protein or cut out all carbohydrates, it would simply be eat more fruits and vegetables. That tip is so powerful it might even help someone burn fat while on a running weight loss program.

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