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The Truth About Weight Loss Information

Did you know that 99% of the weight loss information you read on the Internet is wrong? At least thatís the way it seems to me! I read anything and everything to help my clientís lose fat, lose fatand almost every article I read on the web is full of politically correct junk.

Itís almost as if these trainers have never given weight loss information to someone in the real world. They keep telling you to lift soup cans and water bottles, as if that is going to do any good.

Listen, even an hour of cardio per day is an ineffective way to lose weight, so thereís no way that a simple set of soup-can biceps curls are going to make any difference in your body fat. This just wonít help you lose weight.

Of course, if an hour of cardio per day worked so well, thereíd be a lot more people with six pack abs walking around, but there isnít. Unfortunately, that isnít the truth that people want to hear.

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Millions of men and women want to be given the weight loss information and told that doing lots of cardio and running up the numbers on the cardio machine calorie counter is going to help them lose fat. But that is a lie. Heck, news reports and research studies have found that cardio machines overestimate calorie burning by up to 31%!

So why do people want to believe in the cardio machines? Most folks want to justify after workout treats or before exercise binges by burning off calories. You know people Ė maybe even you Ė who have said, ďOh, I just ate a big pizza, but Iíll go burn it off at the gym.Ē And folks justify bad eating with this mentality.

However, it would take you close to an hour to burn off 2 slices of pizza or a Big Mac, and that doesnít include the garlic bread, fries, or soda that came with it.

People are delusional that cardio machines are powerful enough to overcome bad diets. But that type of weight loss information is still out there and very popular, because it caters to the dreams of folks who want something for nothing!

So most workout stories on the Internet are these politically correct little pieces of fluff that tell you to park your car at the end of the lot and youíll lose 10 pounds in a week. Thatís garbage.

Real weight loss information would tell you that you have to make diet sacrifices. You need to toss the processed carbohydrates and junk food, and basically anything from a bag or a box. You need to eat more fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts to fill you up. You need to avoid the high calorie binges in the first place.

Second, the truth about fat burning workouts is that you need to work harder, but in short bursts. Doing the same thing over and over and over again will not get you results. Research has shown slow cardio is inefficient at best.

The real weight loss information about fat burning workouts can be found in the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program. Turbulence Training shows you how to burn fat in short workouts just a few times per week using interval training, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training you can do at home!

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