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The best way to lose weight is a secret to most trainers. Itís a shame, but too many trainers are paid big bucks just to tell their clients to do more cardio. But research shows that cardio doesnít work very well for fat loss, so these trainers are making money without getting people results.

Back in the day, I had a client named Hillary who started training with me and wanted to lose weight. She had the classic female problem of a slim torso but too much fat on her thighs. And she was doing hours of cardio, often at least an hour per day and up to 9 hours per week.

But she didnít know that cardio doesnít work very well for burning all the fat off your body. Plus, she justified her processed carbohydrate intake by eating Starbucks cookies after her morning run. You just know how that was going to end up.

And last but not least, Hillaryís last trainer never asked her to do pushups, bodyweight rows, or some of the other fat burning bodyweight exercises that are part of Turbulence Training. She wasnít getting any respect for her physical ability.

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If you want to lose weight and burn belly fat, you need to do a complete 180 with your workout program. You need to cut the cardio and stop doing it first. You need to eliminate the useless treadmill warm-up and start using total body movements to prepare your muscles for fat burning.

The best way to lose weight (and burn belly fat) is to do bodyweight exercises followed by supersets of resistance training and follow that with interval training (or bodyweight circuits). And you only need to do those workouts three times per week (with each workout taking only 45 minutes). Turbulence Training will show you how to do this in a step-by-step program.

But thereís one more hidden secret you must do to burn fat. And you know what it is, you just were hoping I wasnít going to say it! The truly best way to lose weight is to stop eating so much!

You must cut back on the fast food, junk food, sugar, processed carbohydrates, and perhaps even the modified carbohydrates such as breakfast cereals and whole-wheat pasta. You must eat fewer calories than you need, and the best way to do that is to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts.

Itís simple. High fiber, nutrient-dense power foods such as fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts will keep you full and help you maintain your mental energy all day long. No more sleepy-time after lunch or mid-afternoon crashes. Youíll be energetic all day long, and youíll be eating fewer calories and burning more belly fat.

So the best way to lose weight is to combine this high-nutrient diet with higher-intensity training. Get rid of the carbs, and get rid of the slow boring cardio, while adding bodyweight exercises and interval training.

When Hillary finally made the switch to come and work with me, she noticed the difference immediately. Her abs were sore from our bodyweight exercises, even though we didnít do any ab exercises in the workout! Plus, her cardio performance improved with interval training, even though we cut her cardio training back by 3-4 hours.

If you want the best way to lose weight in the least amount of time, Turbulence Training will give you the bodyweight and interval training secrets.

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