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Two years ago, I thought fasting for weight loss was the craziest idea in the world. I was convinced that you needed to eat six small meals every day, and that there were no other options. If you didn't follow a six meal per day diet plan, you would not succeed in your weight loss program.

Fortunately, I met a nutrition expert named Brad Pilon who was able to take all of the research studies on fasting and came up with a very simple weight loss program. He called his nutrition program, Eat-Stop-Eat. It has been remarkably successful, with thousands of men and women using the diet program for weight loss.

In fact, the program works so well that the first two winners of the Turbulence Training Transformation Contests have both used his fasting for weight loss program. There are many benefits of the fasting diet plan, and it's not just that you'll get amazing results.

But it's important to understand exactly how to follow the fasting for weight loss plan. With Brad's diet program, you only fast 1-2 times per week for 24 hours at a time. You really should read his diet book for more details. It's amazing how complex this fasting plan is to lose weight, but if it suits your personality, you'll get a lot of amazing benefits.

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First and foremost, most people love fasting for fat loss because it doesn't require them to plan, shop, and prepare for 6 meals. This also means you don't have to clean-up six different meals. So instead of spending all of your free time in the kitchen, you can be spending time with your family or enjoying your new body after your weight loss.

Second, you get to eat normal on off-days. You don't have to worry about cutting calories, just eat the same amount of food you would eat if you were trying to stay at your current weight. By eating normal on off days and then fasting 1 day per week, you create the weight loss calorie deficit on the fasting day only. Every other day is considered a maintenance day.

So again, you save time by doing less food preparation work, and you get to eat normally on off-days. Of course, you should eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can in your diet (10 servings per day total, at least) and you should avoid fast food, over-eating, sodas, juices, and processed carbohydrates, but you don't need to be in "diet mode" every day of the week when you are fasting for weight loss.

Personally, I prefer fasting for fat burning starting on Friday night after an early dinner, and then finishing up on Saturday with an evening meal. By sleeping a little extra on Saturday morning and staying busy on Saturday afternoon with fun times and by running errands, I'm able to zip right through a weight loss fast without any hassles. In fact, I feel that I get so much more done because I don't have to think about washing dishes, preparing food, or anything else.

And finally, fasting for weight loss is great for men and women who need to learn to get control over food, rather than being controlled by food. If this is what holds you back from burning fat, then you need to do fasting for weight loss.

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