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The other day a lady came to me looking for the best weight loss exercise. She was hoping I was going to say the treadmill, or better yet for her, the elliptical machine, but I surprised her and said, "The best weight loss exercise is harder than your normal exercise."

That's all I said, but she didn't understand. So I sat her down to explain. I told her that most people I see are exercising at too easy of a pace, and that's why they end up not losing weight, or getting stuck at a weight loss plateau. They think that weight loss requires a lot of time and only moderate effort. In fact, some weight loss folks are so misinformed that they think exercising hard is bad for fat loss! But this is not true, in fact, as I told her, "The best weight loss exercise is harder than your normal exercise."

So if you do slow, boring cardio and light weights, then all you need to do is change to this one simple weight loss secret and start increasing the intensity of you workout. The lady I was talking to the other day was intrigued. I was pleasantly surprised, because most other people are looking for diet pills and solutions that allow them to eat whatever they want and still lose fat, but you and I both know that is not true. If you are looking for that answer to weight loss, good luck, and go on and try and find it somewhere else, because you won't find that kind of "easy weight loss from taking diet pills" information here.

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Instead, I'll show you the best weight loss exercise, just as I showed my lady friend the other day. The first place to make your weight loss exercise harder than normal is by using a bodyweight circuit of exercises to start your session rather than just doing an easy walk on the treadmill. This circuit loosens up more of your muscles and helps you prepare for the rest of the workout better.

The next things to do are the supersets of fat burning exercises to help you sculpt your body. Resistance training is not normally though of as weight loss exercise, but you'll be pleasantly surprised that both bodyweight and weight training exercises can help you burn a lot of calories and possibly even increase your metabolism to burn more fat and calories outside of the gym. I showed my lady friend how to do total-body, multi-muscle exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, rows, and even total body ab exercises. These exercises were harder than sitting in a machine and doing an easy, light weight for a lot of repetitions, but a few days after the workout she told me she felt so much better doing the total body exercises, and her muscles thanked her the next day. She knew it was changing her body, and wasn't going back to the easy weight loss exercises ever again.

But that's not all, we still had one more weight loss exercise section to go through, and so I showed her how to do interval training instead of normal cardio exercise for weight loss. She was surprised by how fast the interval training workout was over. It lasted only 17 minutes from start to finish, and still included a warm-up and a cool-down. As a result, a program consisting of the best weight loss exercises needs only 45 minutes in total, and when I told her she only needed to do these weight loss workouts three times per week, she cheered!

If you want to find the best weight loss exercise method, just work on increasing the intensity of your workout. For the best workouts using this weight loss system, grab your copy of Turbulence Training today!

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