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3 Quick Weight Loss Workouts

Are you sick and tired of trying to find time to do long, slow, boring cardio workouts? And are you frustrated with the lack of results you are getting? Do you want to discover quick weight loss workouts?

Well, get ready for a fat burning shocker. The truth is you can burn fat in only 3 quick weight loss workouts each week. You donít need to do long, slow cardio workouts to lose weight. That is old-school, washed-up thinking. The only thing that long cardio workouts will give you is a trip to the doctorís office to treat overuse injuries.

Quick Weight Loss Workouts

Let me tell you the story about my clients Caroline and Peter. They were classic cases of cardio addiction. Every week they tried to do more and more cardio because thatís what they thought was best for weight loss.

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However, with a busy career and young family, doing more cardio meant sacrificing more time at home, and also cutting back on sleep. This only made them tired, cranky, and even a stranger in their own homes. And the worst part was they werenít losing any belly fat with the extra cardio!

Finally, they gave up (but you canít blame them). They showed up in the gym looking for help and wanting quick weight loss workouts. So I put them on my trademarked three day per week program with each workout lasting 30-45 minutes. Thatís all they needed to do.

To their shock and surprise, they started losing belly fat, Carolineís thighs started shrinking, and Peterís love handles started to disappear, all thanks to the quick weight loss workouts they were doing without long, slow cardio.

In the first weight loss workout of the week, Peter and Caroline would start with a bodyweight circuit of unique exercises, including prisoner squats, elevated pushups, stability ball leg curls, and stick-ups. This type of fast bodyweight exercise warm-up was used before all quick weight loss workouts.

Then they would do 15 minutes of resistance training. Each weight loss workout worked the entire body. So in one workout they would do split squats, dumbbell chest presses, step-ups, and bodyweight rows.

In a second weight loss workout, they would do lunges, assisted chin-ups, 1-leg stability ball leg curls (tough exercise!), and mountain climbers.

In a third quick fat burning workout, they would do a circuit of dumbbell squats, close-grip pushups, underhand bodyweight rows, reverse lunges, and a stability ball abs exercise. Those are 3 quick weight loss workouts you can do to burn belly fat.

Each fat burning workout would finish with 15-20 minutes of interval training, which is proven by an Australian research study to be more effective than long, slow, boring cardio for burning belly fat quickly.

Interval training starts with a warm-up, and then youíll do 3-6 hard exercise intervals of 20-60 seconds. Each hard interval is followed by a very easy interval last at least as long and sometimes twice as long as the hard interval.

Hereís an example interval workout. If you did 20 seconds hard, you would rest for up to 40 seconds and then repeat 5 more times. Finish with a cool down and youíre done in 15 minutes.

Quick Weight Loss Workouts

After stretching and a shower, both Peter and Caroline were out the door and back to work in under an hour. But more importantly, these quick weight loss workouts were helping them burn belly fat, lose inches, and saving them time so they could spend it with their family.

So just say no to cardio and use these quick weight loss workouts instead!

WOMEN: Click here to discover the truth about cardio for fat loss, and why the two components of short, burst exercise workouts have been scientifically proven to better for fat loss and losing your belly fat.

MEN: Click here to uncover the secrets of short workout you can do to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, all while getting in and out of the gym in under 45 minutes only 3 times per week, so that you can get on to more important things in your life.

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