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The best weight loss diet to help you burn fat is a combination of all the other diets you hear about today. You donít need to eliminate everything as other diets require, but you do need to borrow the best rules from other nutrition plans to create the perfect plan to lose weight.

For example, you need to:

1. Reduce your carbohydrate intake, but you donít need to eliminate all carbs

2. Eliminate all bad fats but keep more good fats

3. Eat more protein, but not an excessive amount

4. Add more fiber and nutrients to your diet through fruits, vegetables, and nuts

5. Cut calories daily or just once per week using the Eat Stop Eat fasting system

Those are five fantastic rules to include on your weight loss diet. Weíll also take a look at how you can have a reward meal and three treats per week while still staying at 90% compliance on your nutrition plan. And thatís what you need, 90% compliance.

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To achieve 90% compliance on your weight loss diet, you simply need to eat 90% of your calories based on the rules above. So if you eat 2000 calories per day, you need to make sure you eat 1800 calories from fruits, vegetables, nuts, protein, and healthy fats. That leaves you a 200 calorie treat per day.

Alternatively, your weight loss diet might be set up so you stick to your plan 100% for three days straight, and then allow yourself a 600 calorie reward meal every third or fourth day. Doesnít that sound simple and manageable to stick to 90% compliance based on those numbers?

One of the most important changes you can make to your weight loss diet is to restrict all modified carbohydrates. You may have heard of processed carbohydrates, which include most junk foods, along with crackers, pretzels, and white bread, and Iím sure you know that you need to avoid processed carbohydrates.

But my preferred weight loss diet takes it one step further. I recommend avoiding all modified carbohydrates, and that means any carbohydrate not in its original form. So you would exclude pasta, bread, breakfast cereals, and all carb sources that arenít fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

Any modified carbohydrates you eat would count towards your 10% non-compliance calories for the day or week. I know that sounds strict, but youíll be amazed by the results you get on this weight loss.

I have had great personal success by combining this nutrition plan with the Turbulence Training workouts. By lowering my modified carbohydrate intake, I also have much more mental alertness and donít have that after-meal tired feeling that I used to get after a pasta lunch or cereal breakfast.

Of course, you could call this diet program too hard, and if you are looking for something that doesnít require as much thinking, you could use Brad Pilonís Eat Stop Eat fasting method as your weight loss diet. This is also something I have used with great success, and found it saves a lot of time and effort, and it also cuts out feeling tired and gives you more mental energy.

The bottom line about every weight loss diet is that there are many that work. I am not one of those snobby trainers who says, ďDietís donít work.Ē Because they do. You just have to find the right one for you. And I believe my 5 step weight loss diet plan described above is the best way to do it.

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