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Every week I hear from another person achieving extreme weight loss with Turbulence Training. How can some guys lose 100 pounds in less than 10 months with Turbulence Training? What about the guys in the Belly-Off program using the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 500 workout to lose 40 pounds in 8 weeks? How are they able to achieve such extreme weight loss?

Well, the first, and unfortunate key to extreme weight loss requires that you have an extreme amount of weight to lose. Most folks aren't 100 pounds overweight, or even 40 pounds overweight, and therefore you'll have a much harder time with extreme weight loss if you don't have much fat to burn from your body.

Going back to the extreme weight loss cases, we'll start with Juan Ruiz, who became the first Turbulence Training client to lose over 100 pounds. He simply started with the beginner workouts and by changing his diet. Most folks who succeed with extreme weight loss start out with very unhealthy diet and exercise habits, meaning they eat whatever they want and they workout whenever they want - which is never.

But it doesn't take long for the results to add up. An extremely overweight guy can lose over 10 pounds of bodyweight in the first week of a weight loss program. This isn't all going to be fat, but I promise you that many folks can lose more than the so-called "healthy" one pound of fat loss maximum. There is more to weight loss than just the calories in-calories out equation. It is important that you don't overlook the power of hormonal changes that can take place in the body when someone goes from extreme overweight to extreme weight loss habits.

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If you are eating at McDonald's three times per day, plus lots of processed carbohydrate snacks in between meals, then you are going to have high insulin levels. Insulin is a fat storage hormone, and will cause you to gain fat. But if you change your diet and eat more real, whole-natural foods like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, eggs, fish, chicken and beef, then you are going to dramatically decrease your insulin levels and allow the fat burning process to take place. This simple change in your diet can be enough to help you achieve extreme weight loss in just a few days. Obviously your calorie intake will also decrease dramatically if you switch to the whole, natural foods I just listed, because it would be very difficult to eat 4000 calories of fruits and vegetables, but it takes only 2 meals at McDonalds to easily reach the 2800 calorie limit.

Surprisingly, exercise is the least important part of an extreme weight loss program at the start of the journey. After all, an overweight person can only exercise so much without fatigue or overuse injury. That is why I stress that all beginner clients do NOT overdo their workouts on their extreme weight loss program. Instead, they should focus on removing the bad calories from their diet first.

If you want to achieve extreme weight loss and you are significantly overweight, focus on making extreme improvements to your diet. Get rid of the junk and eat whole, natural foods (as much as you want!), and you'll burn fat fast. This is the start to the extreme weight loss results you see on TV and in the Turbulence Training success stories.

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