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Vegetarian weight loss is a tricky subject. Many men and women are fooled into thinking that a vegetarian diet guarantees weight loss, but I can promise you thatís not true. For example, potato chips are vegetarian, and you wonít lose weight eating those!

But more realistically, there are a lot of foods that vegetarians consider healthy but are detrimental to fat burning. These include processed carbohydrates, liquid calories, and even some modified carbohydrates (foods that have been modified from their original form, such as pasta, bread, and breakfast cereals).

Before we look more closely at vegetarian weight loss diets, I want to tell you about my diet. Despite what most people think, I donít eat a lot of meat. I might eat one chicken breast per day, and sometimes steak. But my usual protein sources include eggs, beans, milk, and nuts. Iím almost a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

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However, it really isnít the protein that keeps me under 10% body fat. Itís the other food choices that keep me burning fat faster than most other people.

Instead of eating muffins, breakfast cereals, granola bars, or bagels, I eat almost all of my carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, beans, and raw nuts. I eat very few modified carbohydrates, and that is the key to my year-round 9% body fat and six pack abs.

So if you want vegetarian weight loss, hereís my recommendation. You should go to a vegetarian diet that consists mostly of raw foods. In fact, a raw food vegetarian weight loss diet is almost TOO effective. After all, its tough to find and eat enough raw food, because these foods fill you up fast and for a long time.

But if you arenít ready for a raw food diet, there are still some fat burning changes you can make to your diet to help you get more fat loss results. The first is to remove all sugar from your diet. Vegetarians are notorious for justifying sugar intake because of their vegetarian preferences.

I have sat down with many vegetarians who have a detrimental sweet tooth, and refuse to give up their juices or other vegetarian treats. But by doing so, they stop any chance of faster fat burning.

Another vice of vegetarians is processed carbohydrates. Itís the same problems as with their sugar intake on their vegetarian weight loss diet. They think that just because it is vegetarian Ė and therefore ďhealthyĒ Ė that these foods are not going to cause weight gain. But if you eat 800 calories of granola and soy milk when you only need 400 calories for breakfast, you are going to get fat. Thatís the bottom line.

A vegetarian weight loss diet needs to be similar to an omnivoreís weight loss diet. There should be enough protein, there should be enough fruits and vegetables, there should be enough fiber, and there should be raw nuts and healthy fats.

There are even plenty of vegan protein powders to help vegetarian weight loss diets get enough protein. The big thing to remember is that just because you refuse to eat meat (or dairy products), doesnít mean that everything you eat belongs on a weight loss diet.

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