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The weight loss detox promises are a scam. You aren't overweight because of "stuff" stuck to your colon wall. Going on a 7-day juice diet is not the answer to your weight loss problems. Seven days out of 365 does not solve your diet problems. You need a proven weight loss system, not some scam crash diet promises.

But are there some good sides to detox programs? Yes, I will admit there are a few positives about a cleansing detox system. The biggest benefit is that it indicates you are ready to take action and change your health. No one can force you to do this. The desire to change must come from within. If you've made it so far as to not eat for 7 days and drink nothing but foul juice, than it is clear that you are upset with your weight loss problem and ready to do something. So to me, that indicates a strong person ready to take action.

The second biggest benefit is that it allows you to start breaking some of your old bad habits and planning to implement new ones as soon as the cleansing is over. You should be taking time to plan, shop, and prepare your food and cleaning your pantry during your cleansing. Once this is over, you can return to eating, but this time with the whole, natural foods approach recommended in the Turbulence Training program and diet bonuses.

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But here are the problems with the weight loss detox programs. The first is that many people think all they need to do is a 7-day cleanse and they will lose all the weight they need, and then they can return to their bad habits. Well, you and I know that this is not true. You can lose some weight by not eating for a week, any child could tell you that, but how much fat could you possibly lose - possibly a couple of pounds. But you can gain that all back in a week after returning to your old bad habits. A true weight loss program is longer than 7 days. All real, proven weight loss programs are for life, not just for a week.

The other problem is that you can never fully "detoxify" your body. As long as you are breathing, you are taking in more toxins than you ever could just by eating. And just going on a juice fast for a few days is not enough to remove all the toxins from your fat cells that have been stored for months or years. Seven days of cleansing does not undo 30 years of eating poorly or breathing polluted air.

But the biggest problem of weight loss detox programs is that they ignore the importance of fat burning exercise programs like Turbulence Training and the benefits of weight loss techniques like resistance training and interval training. You will never permanently change your body without adding exercise to your fat burning plan. Overall, weight loss detox programs promise too much and deliver too little. If you all do is a simple weight loss detox program to start the New Year, then you'll be in the spot next year, if not in worse health because of another year of bad eating. Weight loss detox scams promise that you can depend only on a cleanse to make you healthy, but a lifetime of eating whole, natural foods is much more powerful and effective. The winners of the Turbulence Training Transformation Contests never use detox programs, but instead focus on eating whole, natural foods. Add this proven type of fat burning diet to your resistance training and interval training exercise program and you'll lose fat forever.

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