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In 2007, over 5,533 men and women used one of my fat burning techniques to burn over 41,117 pounds of disgusting body fat in just 8 weeks. Plus, hundreds of men and women have completely transformed their bodies in only 12 weeks using one of my other secret weapons in the fight against fat.

When most folks think of fat burning techniques, they always think of slow, boring cardio training. But research shows that cardio is not the best way to burn fat or lose weight. In fact, itís almost a complete waste of time.

Instead, my fat burning techniques donít even use cardio, but interval training. If you have ever played sports, youíve experienced the rush of interval training. Unlike the boring cardio programs you see everyone doing at the gym, interval training is fast, fun, and effective.

Anyone can do interval training, since we can make it easier (for beginners) or harder (for advanced fitness levels and athletes). You just have to know what you are doing. But thatís why only experts know the real, proven fat burning techniques (such as the programs in Turbulence Training for fat loss), and amateur personal trainers still use ineffective cardio.

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But the best fat burning techniques are not just restricted to exercise. In fact, diet is even more powerful for losing fat than any exercise program even I could come up with. What you need to do is make a few simple changes in your diet, and youíll lose 5 to 10 pounds per week of belly fat.

The biggest change you need to make is to eliminate processed carbohydrates. That means stop eating anything from a bag or a box, because those foods increase sugar intake and increase your insulin hormone levels in your body. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and stops you from losing fat.

Diet programs that keep carbohydrate intake low are one of the best fat burning techniques you can use to lose inches. So cut back on your carbs and only eat fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts for carbohydrates. Youíll lose fat fast.

The second diet change you need to make is to increase your protein intake through eggs, chicken, fish, protein powders, and meat. You can even be a vegetarian and increase your protein intake through rice, hemp, and pea protein powders.

As you increase your protein intake, you need to decrease your junk food intake and increase your healthy fat intake. Some diet experts believe that the healthy fats (monounsaturated fats) found in almonds and olive oil provide more fat burning techniques to get rid of your belly.

Thatís tough to say, but those fats are good for your heartÖand whatís good for your heart is often bad for belly fat. So eat fish and raw nuts to get good fats.

With those diet and exercise fat burning techniques from Turbulence Training, youíll burn belly fat permanently. With Turbulence Training, you get over 6 months worth of fat burning workouts and 3 months of social support from fat burning friends all over the world.

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