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Nutrition is not 80% or 50% of your results, but it is the most important part of a fat loss program. For some people, it might be close to 100% of your results, while for other folks it might be 20%. It's impossible to measure, but you can't neglect your fat burning nutrition.

You can't out-train a bad diet.

It doesn't matter how great your workout, if you continue to eat processed carbohydrates, drink sugar-laden juices and sodas, or eat French Fries at McDonald's every day, you are not going to lose body fat. Without proper fat burning nutrition, you won't lose as much belly fat as you want.

More and more research is beginning to show that reducing carbohydrate intake is the fastest way to lose fat, and one of the easiest ways to keep fat off permanently. However, it is still important to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Your fat burning diet meal plan should eliminate processed carbohydrates, such as anything from a bag or a box, and replace those carbohydrates with an equal amount of calories from fruit, vegetables, and nuts. However, you'll actually find it almost impossible to eat the same amount of calories from these whole foods as you could from processed carbohydrates, since fruits, vegetables, and nuts will fill you up fast.

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To burn belly fat, you also have to eat fewer calories than you need. That is a simple fat burning rule to understand, but harder to put into play each day. First, you need to use a website like Fitday.com to enter in your daily food intake and find out how many calories you are eating every day. If you are eating more than you need, you will gain belly fat. If you are eating fewer calories than you need, you should be losing body fat. However, this also depends on the quality of your diet and your honesty when it comes to reporting your daily nutrition and diet. The more foods you eat that are processed and come from a bag or a box - like cookies, chips, crackers, rice cakes, breakfast cereals, muffins, and donuts - the greater your chance of over-eating without noticing. So you must eliminate those foods from your fat burning nutrition plan.

Your daily fat burning meal plan should look something like this…and you can adjust the quantities up or down depending on your calorie needs.

Breakfast Fat Burning Foods

You can have eggs (preferably enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids), fruit, vegetables, nuts, or leftovers from your fat burning dinner. I often have an omelet with raw vegetables on the side, along with Green Tea and a couple of pieces of fruit.

Mid-Morning Fat Loss Snack

You can eat mid-morning to keep hunger away, and a good snack includes fruit and nuts. I like to eat a big bowl of pecans and blueberries. Other times I'll have a banana and almonds. More Green Tea or a Greens Plus type drink is good here. If you work in an office without convenience, you can have a protein shake and an apple.

Lunch Weight Loss Diet

Time for a protein and vegetable boost to keep you alert and burning fat all afternoon. Do not have a big bowl of pasta or you will be falling asleep and hungry again in an hour or two. High carbohydrate meals will stop your fat burning plan.

Mid-Afternoon Fat Burning Snack

Another Green Tea, some nuts, and a piece of fruit or raw vegetables are a great way to keep you satisfied and burning fat until dinner. Don't skip the afternoon snack or you'll be starving while making dinner, and that's when eating too much occurs.

Dinner Diet For Weight Loss

Eat a dinner similar to lunch. Pick your favorite healthy protein, such as salmon, and eat lots of fresh vegetables, finishing with a piece of fruit for dessert.

Evening Snack to Help Fat Loss

If you eat an early dinner and need a snack to keep away hunger at night, focus on low-calorie protein and fruit. You might have a protein shake, or fruit with a few nuts.

This is the healthiest fat burning nutrition plan you could ever use. You might even lose up to 5 pounds in the first week or 20 pounds in 8 weeks with this plan, as many Turbulence Training users have done in the past. Stick to this fat loss diet plan and you will get guaranteed results.

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