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Uh-oh, the main stream media has been at it again, trying to convince folks just like you that you can eat food and miraculously burn fat. Well, I'm here to set the record straight.

First of all, there's no such thing as a fat burning food. No matter what food you eat, it doesn't cause fat burning. But there is some good news (and more bad news).

The good news is that your body is always burning fat. It burns fat at rest, while you exercise, while you work, while you sit on the couch, and even while you eat.

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The bad news is that most foods slow down the body's natural fat burning process to a slow crawl while at the same time promoting storage of body fat. And yes, both of those processes can take place at the same time.

So let's take a look at two example diets and compare so-called fat burning foods to regular meals. First, imagine the diet of the average overweight American. They start the day with breakfast at McDonald's or Starbucks, consuming 500-1000 calories of processed carbohydrates, saturated fat, a little protein, very little fiber (if any), and perhaps even some deadly trans-fats.

After that meal, your blood sugar would increase rapidly as the fast-absorbing processed carbohydrates rushed into the bloodstream. This would cause your pancreas (an organ in your digestive system) to pump out a hormone called insulin. Insulin's goal is to take the sugar in your blood and get it shuttled into your muscle and fat cells as quickly as possible.

When insulin increases, it sends a signal to slow down the fat burning process in those muscle cells, and the release of fat from fat cells almost grinds to a halt. At that point, it's almost like everything starts happening in "rewind" (like you see when rewinding an old VCR tape). Instead of eliminating fat stores to use as energy, your body starts building fat stores back up like it was Walmart stocking TV's for Christmas.

That's how powerful food can be in almost completely stopping the fat burning process.

Now on the other hand, if you ate whole, natural foods for breakfast, like an apple, some almonds, maybe some oats, or even organic eggs, there would not be that rush of sugar into your bloodstream. And therefore, your insulin levels wouldn't go sky high and almost eliminate the fat burning process.

However, there still would be some increase in blood sugar and insulin, and yes, the fat burning process would slow down a little. So you can see, even the best foods won't cause your body to accelerate fat burning.

But we can still look at whole, natural foods as fat loss foods, not fat burning foods, because eating high-fiber, high-protein foods will help control blood pressure, reduce appetite, increase your mental energy, and support your body's natural fat loss system.

The goal of your fat burning diet is to eat foods that interfere with the fat burning process as little as possible while supporting your fat burning Turbulence Training workouts by giving you all the physical and mental energy that you need.

It's that simple. You want your diet to support your fat burning efforts and stay the heck out of the way of interfering with the fat loss system that your body naturally has in place to help keep you lean and sexy.

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