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Cardio Exercise is a Joke for Fat Loss

Cardio exercise is a joke for fat loss. You do not have to do endless hours of cardio to live a long, lean, healthy life.

Now I don't mean it's a joke for someone who likes to go and run because they actually like to go and run. I have nothing against. If you like to do it, that's cool.

But you know people who drive to the gym to only go inside and walk on the treadmill for half an hour and then drive home? That's a joke. Essentially, they could've walked to the gym, touched the door and walked home.

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Or if you're one of those people that I see running and they look like they hate every second of it, or they are on the treadmill and they're reading a magazine or watching TV at the same time, that's the type of cardio exercise that is a joke.

Worse is when they walk on the treadmill. I mean, it is one thing to run on a treadmill as opposed to running on a sidewalk. I'll give you that one because running on a sidewalk probably is not the best thing, but if you can run on a treadmill, you're probably going to be okay. But to drive to the gym and then walk on a treadmill, it's pretty lame.

And you get people who talk about cardio because they ate too much on the weekend. That's what I am against. I'm against the belief that cardio can overcome a bad diet. That's not the purpose of cardio exercise.

Besides, nutrition is way more important than regular persistent activity. It's way more important for cardiovascular health than cardio. So when I talk about being anti-cardio, that's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm against. I don't like the mindset, the belief in it, and the people just completely misunderstanding the purpose of it.

That being said, you don't ever have to do cardio again. You don't ever have to be on a cardiovascular machine again to live a long, healthy, great life. You don't need long cardio workouts to be lean. You don't need it to have six-pack abs.

You simply do not need to go and spend 30 minutes on a machine in the gym ever again.

After all, treadmills are kind of silly. Listen to this story, for example. The famous singer Madonna was trying to go to Africa to adopt a kid. She flew a treadmill over to Africa so that she didn't miss a workout, and while there she fell off the treadmill and sprained her ankle.

But everyone in Africa was just completely in awe of why anyone would run on a treadmill. They had never seen one before and it didn't make sense to them. That's why cardio exercise is a joke. Why would anybody run on a treadmill that doesn't go anywhere?

I used to run on a treadmill that didn't go anywhere. And now I think, why would I run on a treadmill if it doesn't go anywhere when I could run outside or do a better workout with bodyweight exercises?

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