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I feel so sorry for folks who are still depending on the "target heart rate fat burning zone" to help them lose weight. After all, it's a complete joke and only wastes your time, money, and energy.

Here's the deal about the target heart rate zone. For some strange reason, this became popular as the best exercise intensity for fat burning. And there's a tiny bit of truth behind that, but a lot more myth.

If I brought you to an exercise physiology lab and hooked you up to bunch of expensive machines while you did cardio, I could see how much fat you were burning and how much carbohydrate you were burning.

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And what I would find is that as the exercise got harder, you'd burn less fat and more carbohydrate. But if I had you exercise at a moderate pace, I'd see that you'd be burning the most amount of fat.

In fact, I'd see this in about everyone, and it happens at about 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. So you'd be sweating, but not exercising so hard that you couldn't have a conversation with someone beside you.

As a result, I'd call that your target heart rate fat burn zone. And for decades, trainers and doctors recommended that you exercise in your target heart rate fat burning zone to lose weight. After all, it sounds great, right?

But not so fast. As everyone knows, the easier the exercise, the fewer calories you would burn. And with the target heart rate zone, you were burning fewer overall calories just so that you could burn a higher proportion of fat.

Let's take a look at some numbers. Imagine I had you to do two 30-minute workouts. In one workout, you exercised in the target heart rate zone and burned 300 calories and 60% of those calories were fat (for a total of 180 fat calories).

But in the second session, you exercised harder and burned 400 calories but only 50% of those calories came from fat. At first glance, you'd think you burned less fat. But if you do the numbers, you find that you burned 200 calories of fat (20 more fat calories than the target zone exercise) plus you burned an extra 100 total calories (which is more important than the number of fat calories).

So it should be clear to everyone that working harder outside of the fat burning zone is a much better use of your time than trying stick to a target heart rate.

But even after all of that, research and experience shows that cardio exercise in general is just not a great way to lose fat.

Instead, you need to focus on your diet. You need to get rid of the sugar, trans-fats, liquid calories, and plain old over-eating. You can exercise all you want in the fat burning zone or with interval training, but nothing works better than diet for losing belly fat.

Other research shows that interval training is better than cardio for fat loss as well. So we don't even need to worry about heart rate.

For a proven workout program that doesn't waste your time, get started with Turbulence Training and forget about the heart rate fat burning zone.

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