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Top 5 Belly Fat Burning Cardio Myths

If you want to burn belly fat, but you're getting bad advice about exercise and diet myths, then this will be the most important article you read on burning belly fat. Not only is belly fat ugly and uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous and deadly. The most important thing you can do to have a flat stomach and better health is to burn your belly fat.

Unfortunately, most trainers will tell you to eat a low-fat diet, do a lot of slow, boring cardio, and do toning workouts with light weights, if they recommend using weights at all. But these are all ineffective and inefficient for burning belly fat, and it's a myth that these methods are the best way to lose stomach fat. In fact, here are the top 5 belly fat burning cardio myths and the truth about losing stomach fat.

Myth #1 - Long, low-intensity exercise (LIE) cardio workouts are the best for burning belly fat.

Not true! In the past two years, two studies how shown that not only is LIE cardio not the best way to burn belly fat, but it also might not have any effect on burning belly fat at all.

In each study, LIE cardio was compared against either interval training or high-intensity cardio. Although the LIE cardio workouts lasted longer (twice as long in the case of interval training), the shorter workouts were the only way to burn belly fat. So low-intensity cardio that you do for 40-60 minutes is not the best way to burn stomach fat.

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In fact, both studies showed it didn't work at all. On the other hand, both interval training and high-intensity cardio helped subjects lose fat covering their abs. If you want to burn belly fat, you must include harder, shorter belly fat burning workouts.

Myth #2 - You must do cardio on an empty stomach in the morning to burn belly fat.

False. You can exercise at any time of day and still burn belly fat. Besides, this myth is based on the assumption that long, slow cardio workouts burn belly fat in the first place, but as you discovered earlier, this often isn't the case.

Myth #3 - You must do cardio every day to burn belly fat

While long cardio workouts might work in some folks (usually young men), there are two other studies you should know about.

First, in one study from the UK, researchers found that some people start eating an extra 300 calories per day when they start doing cardio. The researchers were not able to explain why this happened, but warned people that they might compensate for the workout by eating more food. This will wipe out any gains you make.

The second study required men and women to do one hour of cardio 6 days per week for one year. By the end of the year each subject had completed about 300 hours of cardio, but the average weight loss was only 6 pounds. That's one pound of fat for every 50 hours of cardio! I don't know anyone that has that kind of time to waste.

Myth #4 - You Must Do Cardio in the Fat Burning Zone

The fat burning zone is a fat burning myth from the 1980's that has stuck around far too long. In the past, trainers believed you should do low-intensity exercise (LIE) cardio at a moderate intensity because you burn a large percentage of fat. However, it doesn't burn as many calories, and is a waste of your time, as the research studies you discovered above have shown. Slow, boring cardio workouts are not the best way to lose belly fat. If you truly want to change your body, you need to use short, burst exercise home fitness workouts.

Myth #5 - Cardio is better than resistance training for burning belly fat.

Surprisingly, this is not true. American researchers discovered that men and women of all ages can burn belly fat - while gaining muscle at the same time - with resistance training. In a 12-week resistance training program, men and women lost an average of 4 pounds of fat, and they didn't do any cardio or change their diet. That's how powerful resistance training is for burning belly fat.

You have now discovered the 5 biggest cardio myths about burning belly fat. If you are doing a lot of cardio to burn fat, you should change your exercise program to include resistance training, interval training, and high-intensity cardio. Don't get stuck using the LIE cardio, and wasting hour and hours expecting to burn belly fat. Start using shorter workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home to burn belly fat.

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