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On Saturday evening I was getting ready to watch the latest UFC event on TV, and I was flipping around the channels and landed on an infomercial for the latest fat burning workout routines.

I was surprised to see that Hollywood was now copying my interval training system and bodyweight workouts in their infomercial programs.

It looks like they are moving away from big bulky machines and trying to sell you "follow along DVD's" featuring their lame versions of interval training. The only problem is they just don't get it.

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They still think that doing light weights for high reps works, and now they are just trying to call that interval training. What a joke. But this isn't the first time that people have tried to copy me. Fortunately, I just keep getting better and my programs get more effective and I stay about 10 steps ahead of that crowd.

So let's review what makes my fat burning workout routines so effective. First, we get rid of the long, boring warm-ups that don't do anything. The next time a trainer tries to tell you to do 10 minutes of treadmill walking to elevate your core temperature, tell them to get with the program and find out about bodyweight circuit warm-ups instead.

In the bodyweight circuit warm-up, you'll use 3-4 exercises such as Prisoner Squats, Close-Grip Pushups, and Stick-ups to warm-up the hot zones of your body. Do that circuit twice before moving to the supersets.

In the resistance training non-competing supersets, you'll do two exercises back to back to get more work done in less time. And you always need to pair the exercises so that while one muscle group works, the other recovers.

For example, a single-leg exercise paired with a pressing exercise is a perfect non-competing superset. So that might be lunges and pushups, or split squats and dumbbell presses.

Whatever you do, just make sure to skip the old-school bodybuilder type of training where you do one chest exercise followed by another. That is too hard on the shoulders and leads to a messed up body.

You'll spend about 20 minutes doing 4-6 exercises in the superset portion of Turbulence Training. And then you'll move to interval training to finish off your fat burning workout routine.

Interval training is "like" cardio but it is not as boring or as ineffective as the long slow workouts that everyone dislikes. Instead, you'll do an interval-specific warm-up followed by six intervals - alternating between hard exercise and easy exercise - and then do a cool-down. All in all that should take about 15-20 minutes.

Overall, the entire workout only lasts 45 minutes, and yet you train your entire body, sculpt your muscles, and burn belly fat. The Turbulence Training fat burning workout routines are research-proven and will help you transform your body.

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